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As an extra treat, all Love Spankers are eligible for free books!  (Donated by Lazy Day Publishing)

  • Of Yesterday by Alta Hensley
  • To Love a Woman by Jade Cary
  • Rules of War by Sue Lyndon
  • Casting by Liz Borino
  • Deep in the Heat of Texas by Amy le Blanc, Melissa Ecker, and Alta Hensley

MY CONTESTS: I will be having 2 contests. One lucky winner will receive a Sin in a Tin Soy Candle and another lucky winner will receive a Sex & Mischief Do Not Disturb Kit. Both prizes are from Erotic Stories and Toys.  **NOTE: If you have trouble leaving a comment here, please send your answer in an email to me at [email protected]


Valentine crawled from the bed and stumbled her way into the living room, holding one hand to her throbbing head. Her eyes were barely open and not focusing well. “Oh gawd, oh gawd. Turn down the ocean,” she moaned as she headed for the sliding glass door she’d left open.

Even the tiny slit of sunlight she was able to see was excruciating. She squeezed her eyes closed while she continued toward her destination. A few steps later her knee hit a metal bar and she stubbed her toe, making her yelp in pain. Her eyes flew open even as she fell face forward across the open sofabed. Face forward over a large, warm, obviously male body.

Immediately the male body, that had been nearly dead to the world, burst to life. “What the hell!”

Almost at the same time Shelby knocked on the front door. “Sam? Sam, what’s going on in there?” She pounded again. “Sam!”

Valentine scrambled upright, her hands flying to her head, which seemed to be threatening to explode. She glanced down in horror—okay, and definite appreciation—at the deliciously naked form of Sam Thompson. The cowboy she’d met the night before. The man that, even through the fuzziness surrounding her brain, she wanted to throttle on Shelby’s behalf.

“What are you doing here?” she managed to ask, rubbing her forehead with her fingers in a useless attempt to calm the headache. “Oh gawd. Just shoot me now,” she added on an agonized moan.

“Not a bad idea,” Sam grumbled and reached around her to snatch at the top sheet he must have thrown aside in the middle of the night. While the wicked woman inside her wanted to protest his action, he stood and drew the sheet around his body from the waist down. He glowered and snapped, “This is my condo, Not yours.”

“Sam! I hear you in there, let me in!” Shelby called out, pounding again on the door.

Valentine gaped in mortification. She felt the color draining from her face as she realized his sister was about to catch them in pretty bad circumstances. She looked at Sam for some kind of help and found him heatedly staring at her. No help from his quarter.

Then she followed his gaze and glanced down. Heat rapidly spread over her entire body. Somehow she’d lost her bikini top. Her breasts were bare. His attention was completely focused on them and, to her displeasure, her nipples hardened in response. Could she possibly be any more humiliated?

Evidently yes because she burst into tears. She detested crying in front of someone else, which made her quietly sob harder. What a horrible start to a day! In the midst of her pity party moment, she heard Shelby pound on the door yet again.

Sam’s brown eyes darkened even more. Her breasts! Cheeks flaming at the realization that she’d done nothing about her exposure, she covered her traitorous breasts with her arms.

His focal points now partially covered, he came out of his stupor. “Oh shit! Shelby!”

He looked in a panic from her to the door, and then back at her. He started to pull the sheet from around his body and she was sure he intended to cover her up with it.

She held out a hand to stop him. “No! No, you idiot!” she yelped, sobs immediately quieting. She couldn’t let him remove that sheet and stand there in all his male glory. A voice in her suffering head told her she was nuts to refuse such an opportunity. Another voice taunted her that she’d just recently convinced herself that she was lesbian.

She latched onto that twisted reasoning in desperation and blurted out, “A man’s naked body does not affect me! Not at all!”

“Oh, honey, it sure as hell does.” His gaze zeroed in on her one uncovered breast. “Those rosy nipples have…”

Her face flamed even more as his comment faded away. “Stop it! Focus! Your sister.”

He scowled and tightened the sheet back around him. He spotted his shirt tossed on the floor, went to pick it up, and threw it at her. “Put this on. I’ve got to go let Shelby in before she beats the damn door down.”

His hand on the chain lock, he faced her again. “Lady, you’re completely crazy thinking you’re a woman lover. But I don’t have the time to prove that to you right now.”

Valentine stiffened at his comment. “Nothing you could do…“ She slammed her mouth shut, sensing she was lying. She had felt warmth pooling low in her body at her first glimpse of his nakedness. She had felt moisture beading between her legs.

A spark of something sexy, something challenging flitted in his eyes. “Darlin’, you’re so wrong.” Just to annoy her, she was sure, he glanced down at his erection pushing the sheet out.

Now her heart raced and her knees weakened. Darn him!

My story-related question: What has Valentine recently decided and that Sam thinks is crazy?


kayevalentinescowboy500X750_72   Genre: Contemporary, Western, Erotic Romance, spanking elements

Publisher: Blushing Books

Publisher Buy Link: Blushing Books

Soon to be available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble


Valentine is a romance therapist burned out on the whole idea of romance. She needs a break from dating GQ fashioned stockbrokers and men whose lives revolve around their over-priced cars, high-tech apartments, and their belief that they’re super studs in bed. She needs time away from a therapy partnership that no longer makes her happy. Right now, nothing makes her happy. She needs a Calgon-take-me-away escape from all of it, and remembers how a recent client invited Valentine to her wedding in Maui. What better place for an escape? No pushy men to deal with. No pressures from her partners. Just time alone in paradise!

Sometimes paradise has its problems, too. Especially when her client’s cowboy rat older brother shows up, and Valentine wants to throttle him for his past overbearing ways toward his sister! Sam isn’t too thrilled to see the dipstick counselor who mucked up his adoring baby sister either. The interfering woman keeps right on butting her nose into his business, making him strongly feel the need to apply his hand to her sweet little bottom! Only touching her makes them both want so much more!

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92 thoughts on “Love Spanks Blog Hop

  1. Anastasia Vitsky

    I won’t spoil the surprise for other readers, but I will leave a test comment. Lovely story, Starla. 🙂

  2. Pooky

    I bought this book when it came out the first time and loved it. quite humorous, what Valentine decided about herself- oh and I love Valentine for a name, that doesn’t happen a lot.

    1. Starla Kaye

      Pooky, thanks for taking part here and for having already bought the book the last time. If you bought it from Blushing Books, you will automatically get the new version put in your library there. If you bought it somewhere else, let me know and I will get you the new version.

      I’m putting you in my contest drawings, too.

  3. kelly adams

    Valentine had recently convinced herself that she was a lesbian, but Sam thinks shes crazy because he can obviously see her nipples are hardened and she is aroused.

  4. Miragirl

    I love all of Starla’s work! She should start a story and do a contest to see which of her fans can finish the story the best… that would be fun!!! The answer to the question, I assume is supposed to be posted here, so the answer is Sam thinks she is crazy because she thinks she is a woman lover 🙂

    1. Starla Kaye

      Thanks, Miragirl, for the compliment. Your suggestion about starting a story and let fans finish it in a contest might be kind of fun. I’ll have to think about it. At the moment I have my three editors all wanting something from me. (I know, it’s “tough” to be in demand).

  5. Joseph McNamara

    Why of course Sam took exception with her thinking she was a “Woman Lover” -perhaps a threat to his own masculinity of sorts… “VIP”

  6. Chuenn

    Ms Valentine thinks she a ‘woman lover’ (lesbian)….and Mr Sam knows that’s she’s lying because her bodily reactions says otherwise.

    Loving the story so far. 🙂

  7. Blondie

    Valentine thinks that she is into women and that a man’s body doesn’t effect her at all. Sam, for obvious reason, disagrees. I haven’t read the book yet but I can only imagine that Sam is able to prove to Valentine that she is into him

  8. Cat

    Great excerpt. So she has recently convinced herself she is a lesbian but the sight of all his ‘male glory’ turns her on…yup, definitely gonna get interesting. LOL

  9. Adaline Raine

    She has convinced herself that she is a lesbian and not drawn to a man’s body at all. Her nipples wouldn’t be all rosy and hard if that were so! Great story, Starla. 😀

  10. Kelsey Summer (VIP)

    Sam thinks Valentine’s crazy because she’s decided she’s into women not men, when it’s just not true.

  11. Alta Hensley

    She loves the ladies, but I think we all can appreciate a lovely woman. I loved your story and I love your books. I’m glad I’m part of the hop with you.

  12. CE Munro

    Valentine says that a man’s body doesn’t affect her and Sam disagrees with her because of her rosy nipples… I cannot wait to read the entire story, Starla!

  13. Katherine Deane

    Great start! Valentine thinks she is a lesbian. But Sam and she both know she is lying (based on the physical evidence) 🙂
    Can’t wait to read more!

  14. SassyTwatter

    That she is a lady lover or at least says she is even though her body says otherwise. Great book can’t wait to read.

  15. Constance Masters

    I loved this excerpt Starla. Will have to get the book! Valentine thinks she’s a lesbian and Sam thinks that is just crazy 🙂

  16. SH

    That she is attracted to women. I loved this book, have downloaded the revision from BB but haven’t had the time to read it again, can’t wait!

    ~Sammie, VIP

  17. Sassy Chassy

    She has decided that she is a woman lover and Sam has decided that she is assuredly not.

    Sassychassy333 at gmail dot com

  18. Mrs. Soft Botom

    He knows she is lying about being a “woman lover” ( lesbian) because her body responded to him

    mrs.softbottom at gmail dot com

  19. Polly Kaufmann

    I bought and read this book in february of last year and I loved reading this book. To answer your question Valentine thought she was A “Women Lover” but Sam didn’t believe her.

    1. Starla Kaye

      Thanks, Polly, for stopping by. If you bought the book last year from Blushing Books, you should be getting the new version in your library. Otherwise let me know and I’ll make sure you get it.

  20. Mer

    She’s not into men. Nope, not at all. Just ladies. Except some parts of her apparently find Sam’s naked body quite attractive.


  21. Thomas_III

    That she is a lesbian, interested purely in the female of the species. Her nipple reaction seems to disprove that to him, though. For that matter, whatever put her in that situation in his apartment probably disproves a portion of that, too.


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