Let’s Talk About Hair

When you are describing your characters’ hair what are some of the things you think about?  Hair color, style, length? What about beards and chest hair for men?

I am a very visual person. As I create my basic story details, including character information, I find some kind of picture for each main character involved to refer back to occasionally. Sometimes I find pictures for the main side characters, too. Then I keep a running list of the physical traits that I actually used in the story. I don’t want to say she had blue eyes now and then brown later on. The same goes for hair descriptions. I don’t want to say he has a buzz cut and then later on he has hair long enough to be tied back.

I have gathered together some Internet sources that I find useful and wanted to share them. If you have others that you find particularly interesting or helpful, please share them in a comment.

Hairstyles – Women

Hairstyle History from the Costume Gallery

History of Hair

History of Classic Hair Styles

Vintage Styles-How to Style Techniques

Classic Chignon Hair Styles

Hair Styles Gallery

Find a hairstyle that suits you

Hair Color

The History of Hair Color

Hair Color Chart


Hairstyles – Men

Mens Vintage Hairstyles from the Days of Silent Screen

Mens Celebrity Hairstyles and Haircuts

Todays Metrosexual Men

Male Hairstyles

Beards – Men

Designer Stubble

All about Beards

Expanded Beard Type Chart

Chest Hair – Men

Male Chest Hair

Hairy chest stock photos and images

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