Leigh Ellwood and the Sexy to Go, Volume 1

sexytogoToday I am welcoming Leigh Ellwood to my blog, talking about the Sexy to Go, Volume 1 story collection.

Hello, Leigh Ellwood here, and I’m thrilled to talk you about my involvement with the amazing Sexy To Go authors. Late last year a group of us got together with the plan to produce one collection a month of short, sexy tales that readers could enjoy “on the go.” Want to read hot stories during your lunch break or on the ride home from work? That’s what Sexy To Go is all about – steamy “quickie” romances in a variety of pairings and genres.

This April, our first collection is on sale for 99 cents!

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My contribution to the first box set is an extension of a short written for last year’s Sci Spanks event. Skin is a futuristic romp with spanking elements, MF pairing and happy for now ending. No cliffhanger, though the ending might seem left open for future romps. To be honest I won’t rule it out. I had written Skin specifically for the Sci Spanks events and never intended to revisit it, but when Eva Lefoy offered to bring authors together for regular releases of these collections I revisited the story and realized one could have more fun with it.

Though I’ve written M/M stories for Volumes 2 and 3, I haven’t ruled out a follow-up for either 4 or 5.

Each Sexy To Go collection will feature any number of authors. Some may appear in every set, some may take a month off to regroup and write more. Luckily I do have some content to go for a while and I am chiseling away at other projects. I like the idea of a regular series like Sexy To Go because it puts focus on a deadline to meet, a challenge to conquer. A few months I was a bit down, but when I work I don’t have time to let the blues drag me.

If you’d like to read my other stories, visit my site at www.leighellwood.com or follow me on Twitter @LeighEllwood. Once in a while I pimp a story and announce a sale, and I’d love to hear from you there.

Authors in the Sexy to Go, Volume 1 collection:

Jocelyn Dex, Leigh Ellwood, Sofia Grey, Ann Gimpel, Allyson Lindt, Eva Lefoy, Pamela Moran, Nerika Parke, Allie Ritch, Tara Quan, Shiloh Saddler


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