JUST RELEASED: Cupid’s Mistake

I’m excited to announce the release of Cupid’s Mistake from Blushing Books. What makes a better Valentine’s type story than a woman determined to have pure fun in Las Vegas, swearing off jerks? Okay, add in a drop-dead gorgeous cowboy, too much “fun” and an unplanned Las Vegas wedding. But it isn’t going to be all good times ahead for the cowboy, not when his bride skips out on him.








Title:  Cupid’s Mistake

Genre:  Contemporary Western Romance, BDSM (light elements)

Author:  Starla Kaye

Publisher:  Blushing Books

Release Date:  January 28, 2012

Buy Link:  Blushing Books




She sipped a Mai Tai, her second already since she and Ashley had arrived late this morning. Looking out the window of their Tower Premier guestroom in the Stratosphere on the bustling Strip far below, she felt slightly dizzy. Maybe she needed to pace herself more with these mind-numbing drinks. They had a long night ahead of serious blocking out the recent disappointments in their lives, of focusing only on having a good time and preparing for a spectacular new year. At least that’s how her friend had put it when she’d talked Kodie into coming here for New Year’s Eve and three fun-filled days following it.

She shouldn’t have let Ashley talk her into this trip. No! She really needed to learn how to say the word with meaning and stand behind it. But Ashley could be pretty persuasive at times. She’d been tired of hearing and seeing Kodie mope around her condo in Colorado Springs ever since the Thanksgiving Day Disaster, as Kodie referred to the end of her most recent engagement. She’d all but thrown Kodie’s clothes into a suitcase and dragged her here. They were going to party heartily, according to Ashley. They were going to dive into 2012 with a whole new exciting look at life.

Kodie took another sip, thought maybe she’d switch to Singapore Slings next, and heaved a sigh. No more jerk men for her. She had super-duper jerk radar now. In fact, she might even swear off men for a year or so. She turned her head to look toward the bedroom where Ashley was changing clothes. “Celibacy. My game plan for the new year involves celibacy. Hear me? No more men. I’m soooo done with them.”

Ashley stepped into the doorway wearing a red dress that looked painted-on. “Riiight. You’re done with men.” She slipped on a pair of four-inch high red stilettos. “Up to you, but I don’t see you standing behind that vow longer than another month.”

Okay, so she liked men. Normally. “I have to. I’m tired of falling for Mr. Wrong over and over and over.”


Ty sat at one of the outer rim of tables in the semi-dark C Bar nursing a whiskey-on-the-rocks. He’d been here almost a half hour and the bar was rapidly filling with early New Year’s Eve celebrators. The music was loud, the conversations and laughter around him even louder. There were times when he liked coming to Las Vegas with his buddies and blowing off some stress. After the last rough couple of months at the ranch, he had a lot of stress built up. He’d needed some kicking-back time. Still, he wouldn’t have come on this “fun” weekend in Vegas if his sister hadn’t talked to Logan first about it. His foreman/friend had been all over the idea. Then he’d gotten their friend Todd into the idea as well. Ty had been doomed from that point on. They’d wanted him to bring the woman he saw off and on along for the weekend, like they’d done with their current ladies. But he didn’t want to give her the wrong impression. He’d been sure he’d find some willing woman to spend the night partying with. Getting “lucky” was only an iffy thing for him. His body might be all about sex, but his mind knew the risks of blindly playing around. And he damn sure didn’t like the idea of his sister thinking about playing around this weekend, either. Or her friend. She was on the rebound from some bad break-up that he didn’t really know the details about, but that meant she would be vulnerable now, maybe not make wise decisions.

He took another sip of the whiskey, frustrated at knowing he’d probably spend more time this weekend watching after Ashley and her partner-in-mischief, Kodie Kittredge, than relaxing. Speaking of trouble… He spotted his dark-haired sister weaving her way through the banks slot machines toward the bar. She wore a man-killer red dress, heels that accentuated her perfect legs, and a look so saucy, so come-hither, that he groaned and nearly crushed the glass in his hand. Damn, damn, damn! He’d have to keep a close eye on her tonight. Closer eye on any man even thinking about getting within five feet of her. Being her big brother sometimes was a damn hard chore.

“Hey, bro,” Ashley sashayed up and grinned down at him. She flashed a smile at a table of four men close by, gaping at her, hopeful, but not stupid enough to come over and approach her with Ty glaring murderously at them. Then she focused on him. “Dress slacks, nice jacket.” She looked lower. “Oooo, fancy boots, too. Definitely dressed to impress the ladies tonight.”

He scowled. “I’m not dressed to impress anybody. I just thought I’d wear something besides jeans for a change.” He looked her up and down, scowled even more. “You’re damn sure ‘dressed to impress.’” He shot the other men another don’t-even-think-about-it look for good measure.

She did a little twirl just to annoy him, he was sure. “You like?”

“Hell no. Not on you, anyway.”

He was about to launch into the list of brotherly rules for the weekend he’d prepared while he’d been sitting here waiting. Before he could get the first word out, her friend stepped out from behind a bank of slot machines where she’d evidently stopped for a minute. Holy Hell! He wasn’t normally much on blondes, but… Holy damn hell! This was no way too skinny, almost painful to snuggle against female. She had soft curves lusciously displayed in a bare scrap of a black dress that had him sweating. Ashley looked “hot,” but Kodie looked H.O.T. No way, Mandrell. Do not even go there. This is your sister’s best friend. When they’d met last summer she hadn’t looked this…yummy…this…Oh hell!

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