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As a special treat, Blushing Books is offering my contemporary western romance, Valentine’s Cowboy, as part of their “Our Sales Are Too Hot To Handle!” sale until April 10, 2012. The ebook , regularly $4.95, is on sale for $2.48. A heck of a deal!

Valentine’s Cowboy

Genre:  Contemporary romance, cowboy romance

ISBN: 9781609681

Book Length:  Novella

Publisher:  Blushing Books

Buy Link:  Blushing Books

Sample Download:  Blushing Books-Valentine’s Cowboy


Valentine is a romance therapist burned out on the whole idea of romance. She needs a break from dating GQ fashioned stockbrokers and men whose lives revolve around their over-priced cars, high-tech apartments, and their belief that they’re super studs in bed. She needs time away from a therapy partnership that no longer makes her happy. Right now, nothing makes her happy. She needs a Calgon-take-me-away escape from all of it, and remembers how a recent client invited Valentine to her wedding in Maui. What better place for an escape? No pushy men to deal with. No pressures from her partners. Just time alone in paradise.

Sometimes paradise has its problems, too. Especially when her client’s cowboy rat older brother shows up, and Valentine wants to throttle him for his past overbearing ways toward his sister. Sam isn’t too thrilled to see the dipstick counselor who mucked up his adoring baby sister either. The interfering woman keeps right on butting her nose into his business, making him strongly feel the need to apply his hand to her sweet little bottom. Only touching her makes them both want so much more.


Now as my treat to you here are some fun things about KISSING.

Definition of Kissing: To touch or caress with the lips as an expression of affection, greeting, respect, or amorousness.



Butterfly Kiss – Opening and closing your eyelids against your partners for a fluttering sensation.

Cheek Kiss – Gently brushing your lips across the other person’s cheek; often done on a first date.

Earlobe Kiss – Gently sipping and sucking the earlobe.

Eskimo Kiss – Gently rubbing your noses together.

Freeze Kiss – Putting a piece of ice in your mouth, opening your mouth and kissing your partner, passing the ice to him/her with your tongue.

Foot Kiss – Gently sucking the toes and then kissing the foot.

Forehead Kiss – Gently brushing your lips across the forehead.

French Kiss – A kiss involving the tongue.

Fruity Kiss – Hold a small piece of fruit between your lips, kiss your partner and nibble on the fruit together.

Hand Kiss – Gently brushing your lips across the top of her hand.

Mistletoe Kiss – Kissing under a piece of mistletoe.

Neck Nibble Kiss – Gently nibble up and down your partners neck.

Nip Kiss – Gently nibble on your partner’s lips, being careful not to bite.

Talking Kiss – Whisper sweet nothings into your partner’s mouth.

Tiger Kiss – Sneaking up behind your partner, grab them and gently bite their neck, lightly growling.

Tongue Sucking – Using an open mouth, gently suck on your partner’s tongue.

Vacuum Kiss – Kissing open-mouthed, gently sucking in as if you were sucking the air from your partner’s mouth.

KISSING: Beyond the Lips

  • Cheek—gentle brush of lips across
  • Tip of nose—gentle touch of lips on or light rubbing of noses (Eskimo kiss)
  • Eyelids—tender kiss on top of closed eyes
  • Forehead—brush lips lightly on crown of head
  • Earlobe—gently sip and suck the earlobe
  • French kiss—tongue in other person’s mouth; gently suck on other person’s tongue
  • Lips—gently suck on lower lip; gently nibble on lower lips
  • Behind the ear
  • Back of the neck
  • Neck—gently nibble up and down neck
  • Under the chin
  • Collar bone
  • Shoulder—from behind, kiss top of shoulder
  • Curve of waist
  • Underside of forearm
  • Hand—lightly brush lips across top of hand
  • Palm of hand
  • Inside wrist
  • Tips of fingers—gently suck on the fingers
  • Spine
  • Small of back
  • Stomach
  • Navel—use lips and tongue to gently tickle and kiss navel
  • Behind the knees
  • Foot—gently suck the toes, lightly kiss the foot


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