Holly’s Big, Bad Santa

New coverHolly’s Big, Bad Santa, a Christmas novella, has been revised and lengthened for a new release.


Jared left Danville, Kansas a confused and angry teenager. The black sheep of his family, he’s done his best not to look back. He’s grimly stayed away all these years certain he’d disappointed everyone he’d left behind. His life is changing now due to some recent decisions and an e-mail from his father arrives that could change everything even more. But can he go home again and make peace with his family, the town…and the young woman he’d hurt most of all?

Holly buried her pain at Jared’s leaving long ago and went on with building a life alone. She has a successful quilting business and now a new man in her life, although he lives in California and wants her to move there. She has finally made the decision to leave her hometown, her business, and her bruised memories. The decision still frightens her, but it’s past time to go. But Jared dares to upset her world again by coming home for the holidays. She’s furious with him, afraid to ever believe in him again, and yet….

Available currently as a paperback and Nook Book from Barnes & Noble

Also available at Smashwords


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