Her Bewitched Cowboy – Free short story

detail_3057_bewitchedcowboy200x300Her Bewitched Cowboy is the October FREE monthly bonus story at Blushing Books.

If you like fun, cowboys, Halloween, and three troublesome triplets…. Check this out.


Kiley Caruthers isn’t interested in being tied down by the restrictions of marriage. She’s happy with her life. She has a growing career as a cookbook writer, with ambitions to have her own cooking show. She doesn’t need some man to get in her way, to slow her down, or to tell her what to do. But her sisters have a different opinion about what she needs. They are pressing her to choose her future husband from the men they invite to a Halloween party. She’s sure it’s a joke. She decides to play along because it promises to be fun…and because it annoys her older brother and his far-too-stiff best friend. Something she specializes in.

Ethan Talbot’s ranch is one of the biggest in the state, keeping him busy. He hasn’t had an interest in marriage until he realizes he needs the “perfect” woman by his side. She must be socially acceptable, mannerly at all times, stylish, and satisfied in a supportive wifely role, with no ambitions of her own. She must be completely opposite of the “triplet terrors,” the sisters of his best friend and neighboring rancher. Okay, he has a minor interest in one of them, Korey…or is it Kiley? He’s always had trouble telling them apart. But Hell will freeze over before….

By Starla Kaye

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