#Hello2016 New Years Blog Hop!

2016 is here already! I’m excited to tell everyone to have a wonderful new year and to have you be part of the Hello My Name Is giveaway blog hop.

my name is--500final

I’m going to share some fun facts about myself…and I’m offering a contest. See the details about that below. And when you’re done reading these facts and entering my contest, hop on over to the other participating sites linked below.

Fun Facts about Starla Kaye:

  • I love everything Christmas and have large collections of Santas, snowmen, and angels.
  • I travel a lot, take gazillions of pictures, and make small art quilts from my favorite photos.
  • I also write children’s books under another name.
  • I have a big collection of stuffed cows.
  • I love to play all kinds of card games and board games…and I usually lose.
  • Chocolate-r-me should be my nickname.
  • I’m addicted to buying reference books, which I almost never look at after purchasing.
  • I would much rather give away gifts than receive them.

Hello prizesContest: Share one quirky fact about yourself and leave your email address for a chance to win my special prize. The contest ends January 14th. You may enter on more than one day during the blog hop.






trusting love again.inddTrusting Love Again – from Black Velvet Seductions

All she wants is to start over, live a peaceful life…

After an abusive marriage and an ugly divorce, Toni needs to rebuild her self-confidence and start a new life in her hometown. Going home again and confronting people she’d hurt when she’d left is never easy. She’d hung onto the idea of buying a long-abandoned old house and remodeling it to help her recover. But a man from her past has recently purchased it for his business. That’s her emotional breaking point and she does something reckless. Now she must pay the legal consequences of her foolish actions…by working for him.

All he wants is to focus on his work…

Chad’s job as a lawyer working to protect the rights of the abused elderly consumes his time and energy. It cost him his marriage and an aborted child he hadn’t known about. Now he works harder, guards his bruised heart. Yet the return of someone he’d held secret feelings for comes back to town. She upsets his world, starting with minor destruction of his business property and causing him minor injury. He shouldn’t become involved in helping this troubled woman, yet he can’t keep from doing so.

Two heart-damaged people have trouble trusting love again.

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30 thoughts on “#Hello2016 New Years Blog Hop!

  1. Carol L

    I Love Highlanders and think one day in another life I’ll meet a Jamie Fraser. Back in reality Thank you for the giveaway chance.
    Carol L

  2. Melissa B.

    I move my fingers in a typing motion constantly. Words that I hear, say, or think go straight to my fingertips! My husband is always telling me to stop typing. I usually don’t even notice that my fingers are moving.

  3. Jan Lee

    Five people in my immediate family. We all have different blood types. All natural births, no adoptions, no miscarriages, no affairs. Dad=B+, Mom=A+. Me=A-, Sister=B-, Sister=AB-. Email: [email protected]

  4. Sam Stamp

    I am terrified of Popsicle sticks or rather wooden utensils or sticks touching my tongue! I also have difficulty watching other people enjoy Popsicles. A fear I inherited from my Dad who is also afraid of them!

  5. Shannon Flynn

    I think tomatoes are poisonous and won’t eat them also, I can’t stand for my food to touch on a plate so I love bento boxes and have probably 20 of them.


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