Heidi Renee Mason and Investigating the Heart

Investigating the Heart 1I am happy to have Heidi Mason on my blog today promoting her debut novel INVESTIGATING THE HEART.

First, let’s talk with the author and learn a little about her.

What can you share with the readers about yourself?

I am a home schooling mom of three daughters and I love genealogy. I am an obsessed fan of Outlander, and I love all things Celtic.

If you use a pen name, how did you decide on it?

I opted not to use a pen name. I was advised by many to do so, but I wanted to take full ownership, good or bad, of the work that I produced.

What drew you to being a writer?

It is something I have always wanted to do. I don’t think I really had a choice in the matter.

Are you an outliner, a write by the seat of your pants author, or a combination?

I am a combination of both. I start with a chapter by chapter outline, just to be sure I can carry the plot all the way to the end. However, the characters always seem to do what they wish, and I’m really just along for the ride.

What are you currently working on for your next book?

I am currently working on the sequel (yet untitled) to INVESTIGATING THE HEART. I also have a standalone novel that i am starting which has the working tile of HOPE FOUND.

What was your favorite scene in this book?

My favorite scene from INVESTIGATING THE HEART was when Emma finally discovered that there was more to Liam than meets the eye. Although it is a heart wrenching moment for Emma, I think it is a pivotal and necessary moment for the story’s plot line.

Do you have a favorite character and why?

My favorite character is Emma. She is devoted to her daughters and is a fighter. Life has thrown her more than a few curves, but she perseveres and always comes out on top.

BLURB – Investigating the Heart

After the death of her husband in a plane crash, Emma McCoy, a single mom of three, has given up on love. When she meets Liam O’Reilly, an FBI agent who is new in town, the chemistry is immediate.  Emma tries to keep her distance, but Liam is determined to win her over.  As the two navigate their feelings, Emma’s resolve begins to crumble. What Emma doesn’t know is that Liam is connected to her past in a way that she could never have imagined, and this connection could put their future in jeopardy.  In the small town of Beckland, Ohio, danger is the last thing that Emma expects.  However, since Liam’s arrival, it seems like peril is waiting around every corner.

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AUTHOR BIO – Heidi Renee Mason

DSC_3980-2Heidi Renee Mason always knew she would be an author. Heidi is passionate about writing, and writes fiction, as well as poetry. In her spare time, Heidi enjoys music, genealogy, all things Celtic, and chick flicks. A native of the Midwest, Heidi now resides in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and three daughters. Investigating the Heart is Heidi’s debut novel.


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