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Easter dress 2  Basically I’m a romance writer and I write in many sub-genres. There is so much sadness in the world around us, but I don’t write about that. Yes, my characters (like real people) have ups and downs in their lives. But I guarantee that my stories all end with a HEA (Happily Ever After) or at least a HFN (Happily For Now).

Sometimes I like to get away from my actual romance writing and have some fun with writing. Maybe I’ll write a poem (rarely), but I’m really bad at them. If a poem doesn’t rhyme, then I don’t know how to write it. And I can only think of so many words that rhyme.

I dabble with writing short stories about romantic relationships for people over age 60. Romance, believe it or not, isn’t only for those in their 20s or 30s. There are some beautiful relationships that can be witnessed all around us. My particular favorite people to observe are older couples who have been together what seems like forever. You can see it in the special way she takes care of her husband, tolerates his “selective” hearing, ignores the way he grouches around sometimes. Or you can see it in the special things he does for his wife, holds her arm to steady her as she walks, gently pats her hand at times when she is fretting over something. There are so many little things to observe about people and how they get along.

When I’m really in a fun-loving mood with my writing, I write a short story about Blossom and her bullfriend Ferdinand. She is an adventurous, curious, and loving cow. He is the bull who tolerates her occasional off-key “singing,” helps her with adventures, and adores her. There is no real genre for these stories, but they’re great fun. If you’re curious about reading some of Blossom’s stories, they are on my other website: Starla Criser.



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