Happy Anniversary Decadent Publishing!

five year anniversary imageIt is hard to believe that it has already been five years since Decadent Publishing opened its doors. I’m excited to be one of their authors, among a great many authors.

There is a perfect poem by Ross Williams that describes the views of Decadent Publishing. It starts with “Decadence is life with a dash of hedonism.” Read the rest of it to get the full idea. http://bit.ly/1KLwTKq




MSW_MDOn my side, I published my first book, MAGGIE’S SECRET WISH, with the 1 Night Stand series in 2011. This book has long been one of my favorites for a number of reasons. The heroine was fun with her secret fantasy. The hero was Scottish with some interesting secrets of his own. And, well, it was my first book for the publisher.

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StartingOverFinalSmallMy second book for Decadent was also part of the 1 Night Stand series, STARTING OVER. This story was my first publication of a GLBT book, with two wonderful gay men who take a chance and find something special.

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The-CEO-and-the-Cowboy200x300My third book for Decadent was for the main line, THE CEO AND THE COWBOY. Again, this was a story of two gay men who found each other by accident. *NOTE: This pair of characters continue their story in FOR RUBY’S LOVE.

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AcceptanceFinal200My fourth book for Decadent was for The Edge series, ACCEPTANCE. By this point I have really enjoyed writing romances for gay men and this is a story of two businessmen who, again, find a special relationship.

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CowboyDreamin_200My fifth book for Decadent was again for the 1 Night Stand series, COWBOY DREAMIN’. This was first menage story for this publisher and it involved my own fantasies: a fun woman who is super busy and needs a good romance, and two cowboys.

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For Ruby’s Love-110x165My sixth and most recent book for Decadent was the main line again, FOR RUBY’S LOVE. This is the sequel to The CEO and the Cowboy. A spunky horse whisperer finds her way into the lives of the heroes from the first story. She upsets their world all the way around, in a good way.

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