Gotta Love a Cowboy

Gotta love a cowboy…Starla Kaye style

Ten Reasons Why I Love (Fictional) Cowboys

  1. They have Great butts, perfect for touching…for squeezing.
  2. They say “darlin’” in the most sensual way.
  3. They are strong, but gentle.
  4. They are wonderfully loving once a woman brings him to his knees.
  5. They are “Hot” in or out of clothes.
  6. They are gentle at “taming” a skittish female.
  7. They know how to “brand” their woman.
  8. They are “willing” anywhere, anytime, or any place.
  9. They know how to “ride,” but are okay with being “ridden.”
  10. They can be wickedly naughty with a bit of rope and bed posts.


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Here are some of the cowboys who have won my heart, and that I hope will win yours.



Mac MacDonnell is one of my favorite cowboys, a Scottish man forced into marriage for the sake of his clan. The wedding ceremony done, the marriage consummated, the couple then go their separate ways with a plan to end it legally…but the best laid plans….

Genre:  Historical Western Romance, Erotic

Special Note:  Spanking elements

Length:  134 pages

Heat Level:  4 flames from All Romance eBooks

ISBN:  1935152149

Publisher:  Blushing Books

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Caitlin lie in the middle of Mac’s enormous bed, completely naked, the heat of embarrassment over every inch of her exposed body. She’d tried to convince him to just shove her dress up out of the way and do what he needed to do. He had rolled his eyes and insisted she undress. Actually, he had removed her under-waist to bare her breasts, and then he’d removed her drawers. After that he had stood there silently staring at her for several long seconds and she’d seen how his breathing had changed. She had watched his eyes darken, seen the front of his kilt lift up as his body had responded in arousal. That’s when she’d shied away and dashed to the bed to fling herself upon it.

She had reacted like a child. Now she felt annoyed by that fact and she fought down the need to yank a quilt over her. Instead she barely breathed and watched Mac prepare to join her in bed. She had no doubt that he knew she was watching him, and that he didn’t seem to care. He had already removed the length of plaid attached by a broache to the shoulder of a waist-length jacket, and the jacket itself. He stopped to calmly hold her gaze. Then he undid the ruffled collar of a white shirt and pulled the shirt off over his head.

Oh my heavens!

He bent over to remove his shoes and knee-high plaid leggings that encased well-toned calves. Muscles bunched and played on his back as well. She felt a foolish desire to touch him. Everywhere. Then he straightened, caught her staring and gave a cocky grin.

“Curious, are ye, Lass?”

“Of course not!” she countered, forcing her gaze away for an instant.

“’Tis a lie that I can see in yer eyes.”



Colby Pennington is a modern cowboy with the patience of a saint at times, particularly toward the stubborn, independent woman who owns his heart. But occasionally a man who believes in domestic discipline has to do what a man has to do. Fortunately he is married to a woman who allows this, loving him above all else.

Genre:  Contemporary Western Romance, Erotic

Special Note:  Spanking elements

Length:  Anthology of 12 short stories following one couple’s life

Heat Level:  Sensual erotic


Publisher:  Black Velvet Seductions

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Brandi couldn’t go through with this. A wedding meant all kinds of serious: no more thinking only of herself, sharing a bed when she preferred stretching out all over it, acting civil in the morning before she even had half a pot of coffee, compromising, obeying…

“I need to talk to Colby.” Panic seemed to be taking over her mind. “Now. Right now.”


Colby struggled with his tie while his long-time friends stood around him, harassing him about finally getting married. He was about to give up on the tie and toss it in the trash when Sarah raced into the groom’s dressing room. Brandi’s best friend’s face flamed in embarrassment as her gaze darted around taking in her surprised fiancé Thad, Brandi’s father, and the other two men. It was plain she would rather be anywhere else but here. He had a bad feeling about this.

“What’s up?” Colby asked when she hadn’t spotted him in the far corner. His bride-to-be was up to something. Hell, she was always up to something. She would be a trial in his life for the next fifty or so years, but he felt damn lucky about that. He didn’t really mind her going nose-to-nose with him on things every now and then, it kept their relationship interesting. He couldn’t marry a woman who “Yes’d” him all the time, like Sarah did Thad. He liked a woman with guts…most of the time, anyway.



Whiskey Wakefield has been the heroine of my heart for a long time and I finally found the cowboy strong enough, worthy enough of winning her heart and taming some of her wildness. Of course, Morgan Rydell takes some “taming,” too.

Genre:  Historical Western Romance, Erotic

Special Note:  Spanking elements

Length:  188 pages

Heat Level:  Sensual erotic

ASIN:  B003T0GG2O (Kindle)

ISBN: 1609680707 (paperback0

Publisher:  Blushing Books

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Whiskey, the mischievous imp of Dodge City, thought it was bad enough for her brothers to sell their shares of her father’s ranch to their US Marshal friend, Morgan, but what was even WORSE was that those men all had it in mind that Whiskey would actually marry Morgan–this hard, firm, LARGE man she had barely met before.

But Morgan has a dark shadow following in his path, threatening the peaceful life he meant to create with Whiskey. Will they come through this together? Or will Morgan’s past bring tragedy on everything he now holds dear?


Whiskey gripped the edge of the basket made of woven willow branches and the valve line at the same time. She hazarded a glance over the side. Dodge City was finally well within sight. She pulled on the line to open the valve and release another spurt of flame, which in turn sent more hot air into the balloon envelope. It wouldn’t be long now.

She looked over the side again and found the buildings of Front Street much closer. The train, which had remained in Spearville long after she’d taken flight, was puffing closer as well. She sucked in a steadying breath and went into action. Landing a balloon was tricky business and working with the different winds took a lot of concentration.


A strange hissing sound drew his attention. His hand shifted automatically to his Colt and he looked cautiously around. A few feet away a snake slithered into the brush and he relaxed a bit. Yet he continued to wonder about the unusual noise. It seemed too much for that small of a snake.

Taos appeared uneasy, too.

Something yellow floated in the sky above the town. Morgan reined Demon in and snapped, “What the hell?” He’d seen one of these contraptions before, back east. A balloon. He had seen one list off to one side like that right before it fell out of the sky. “Damn thing’s gonna crash!”

He headed hell-bound toward the heart of town with Taos hot on his heels.



Drew Weatherford is a cowboy with a seriously wounded heart and not looking to get involved with another woman anytime soon.  But, damn, Tanya needs this job his sister maneuvered him into giving her.  Still, a woman scared of horses has no business living on a horse ranch and he has no business  being tempted by her.

Genre:  Contemporary Western Romance, Erotic

Special Note:  Spanking elements

Length:  Novella

Heat Level:  Sensual erotic

ASIN:  B00552JMNY (Kindle)

Publisher:  Blushing Books

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Drew sat behind the large oak desk his father had handmade years ago in the home office at the back of the house and battled a whirlwind of emotions. Again, he was furious with his sister for putting him in this awkward position. He was pretty damn furious with himself for not having gone with his gut instinct and said no right off. As far as Tanya was concerned, that’s where his emotions were a complete wreck. He knew she needed this job, and hated that he felt sorry for her because some asshole had put her in this position. He needed accounting help, yes, but not from someone who looked like Tanya Montrose. He hoped to hell he wouldn’t find himself acting like that scumbag partner. She was nothing like the women he was used to, so he shouldn’t be drawn to her. But he was, big time drawn to her.

In the near silent house, he heard the front door open. A second later the soft tap-tap of heels on the tiled hallway headed his way. He heaved a sigh and gritted his teeth. Still wearing those ridiculous heels. Stubborn female! Every nerve in his body went on full alert as she grew closer.

She’d obviously dressed in a hurry, putting on something easy and taking very little time with her hair. The mass of blond silk draped her shoulders, long, sexily wavy.

Trying not to think about how much he wanted to touch that hair, he turned his attention to the rest of her appearance. Another mistake on his part. The sight of her standing in the doorway wearing a pair of slim, black tailored slacks and a red deeply v-necked sweater—like that purple one she’d worn that still haunted him—had him rethinking how much he liked women in jeans. This casual outfit hugged every inch of her petite, delectable body.

Heaving another sigh, he looked down. Her small feet were encased in spiky high black heels. Hot red-painted toes peeked at him, teased him. He was a dead man.



Three hot cowboys…three women determined to resist them.

Genre:  Contemporary Western Romance, Erotic

Special Note:  Spanking elements

Length:  276 pages, Anthology of three stories

Heat Level:  Sensual erotic

ASIN:  B001F7AJ7G (Kindle)

Publisher:  Blushing Books

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“Ranch Heat: Three of the hottest contemporary Westerns to come along in a long time in a great value “three pack!” “Dude Ranch,” “Crooked-T Ranch,” and “Suzy Q Ranch” all have one thing in common: city girls who meet no-nonsense, spanking cowboys! Three novellas, twenty two chapters in all!

In “Dude Ranch,” Jake Caldwell’s grandmother suggests a marriage of convenience between Jake and Rylee Jamison. Crazy, right? Maybe not… Because when Rylee actually sees Jake, she decides that a little R and R down on the ranch might be just what she needs. Jake has different ideas about what she needs, but … oh well.

In “Suzy Q Ranch,” Suzy has wasted years trying to settle down. Unexpectedly, she inherits the ranch where she lived as a foster child. But there’s a catch: she must share the inheritance with Trent Tyler, who’s already broken her heart once.

In “Crooked T Ranch,” ex-bull rider Travis McVey needs time to figure out his life. A job as a foreman on an isolated Wyoming ranch seems the perfect solution… that is until Jodi Thompson, the boss’s bratty daughter shows up…



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14 thoughts on “Gotta Love a Cowboy

  1. Patsy Hagen

    I have been putting of going to the bookstore way too long. I haven’t read any of these books and they all look so yummy!.

  2. Shadow

    These books look and sound so good! I havent read any of these. They are now on my have to buy list! Thanks for sharing and for the contest!!!

  3. Carol L

    Hi Starla, I haven’t read any of these books yet but loving Cowboys comes very easy. I love all your reasons but 8-10 are my choices. lol They’ll be on my TRL.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  4. Carolena Torres

    Friday. Starla.

    Thank you for the darling cowgirl and cowboy statuette I received yesterday! It is on my desk and I will see it every day. Keep up the good work! Carolena

  5. Regina

    I loved the character” Drew Weatherford” who shares the name with former Florida St quarterback, Drew Weatherford. The quarterback Drew is also a very handsome man. He is 6’1 229lbs of athletic muscle that believe me would look good in a cowboy hat a tight pear of wranglers!

  6. Frances

    Did you ever write a sequel to “Whiskey’s Rebellion?” I would like to follow the story of her twin sister Brandy as well.

    1. Starla Kaye

      I always meant to write Brandy’s story but got sidetracked. I’ve actually had a few requests for her story, so I plan to write it in 2012.

      Thanks for asking.

      1. Frances

        Thanks! I look forward to reading it, as she was a great character as well, and her relationship so far with the presumed hero meant they’d spark off each well in a full story. The circus background should be interesting!


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