Give me an “A,” give me a “L,” give me a “PHA”…ALPHA male

Am I really cheerleading…about Alpha males? Well…kind of.

What is an Alpha Male? He’s a man with a serious overload of testosterone. In fiction, he’s bigger than life. The Alpha male in a story generally controls the momentum, driving the story forward. In a romance, he drives the story, too, sometimes reluctantly, and sometimes with determination. He shows passion everywhere…in his work, in his life, and definitely in the romance. He might be a take charge man and others wary of him at times, but he is won over by a woman he can’t help but love. She brings the mighty man to his knees and, at the same time, he recognizes her goodness and worth. He will protect her however necessary until his dying breath.



Alpha Male Physical Traits

  • Moves and stands in ways that show he expects to get what he wants, appears taller than others
  • Consciously uses his body posture to show signs of dominance: standing or sitting erect with chest out, holding head up, keeping arms relaxed.
  • Stands with hands on hips, elbows to his sides
  • While sitting, will put hands behind his head, put his feet on the desk, will remove eye glasses
  • Moves slowly and deliberately to indicate self-confidence and determination.
  • Maintains eye contact during interactions

Common Alpha Male Behavioral Traits

  • Asks forgiveness, not permission
  • Communicates in a clear, straight forward manner with confidence and calmness
  • Directs and control conversations, steering the conversation without resistance
  • Asks questions and expects a response
  • Takes a long pause before answering a door knock or phone call, or before replying to someone
  • Aggressive and dynamic, does what needs to be done
  • Respectful of others who follow his direction
  • Others look to him for advice, help with problems, and listen to what he says.
  • Leads and take responsibility for others
  • Tackles problems and sees them resolved
  • Confident in his ability to overcome challenges and any obstacle
  • Keeps focused on his goal until the goal is achieved
  • If he makes a commitment, he keeps it
  • Does what is right, even if he gets hurt in the process
  • Touches others, but others don’t freely touch him back
  • Will stare at others and demand their attention
  • Never breaks eye contact first
  • Occupies a bigger personal space on purpose
  • Doesn’t sit around talking about his feelings
  • Not superficially emotional
  • Doesn’t wear his heart on his sleeve
  • Brought to his knees by the love of a woman
  • Will protect someone he feels strongly about with his dying breath
  • Faces his fears head-on
  • Can cause great personal and family problems, takes his problems home with him

Types of Alpha Males

  • Strategist: rational and logical, receives bursts of inspiration, tends to speak down to others, not sensitive to others or perceptive to emotions
  • Executor: master of accountability, but doesn’t delegate well; micro manager
  • Commander: most likely to become angry, strongly competitive
  • Visionary: has big dreams that may seem unrealistic, has conflicts with pragmatists


Men I See as Alpha Males

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