Gentle Resolutions for a Writer

It is that time of year when many of us make New Year’s Resolutions. There are always the standard “I will eat healthier,” “I will exercise daily,” and so many more that a lot of us work hard on for the first month or so and then our enthusiasm fades. Writers, too, sometimes make resolutions or set goals. Beware setting lofty goals that are unrealistic and end up making you depressed. Be kind to yourself. Make resolutions or set goals that won’t drive you crazy as you attempt to meet them. Remember that you have other facets to your life: family, work, community commitments, and more.


Gentle Resolutions for a Writer

  1.  Train your brain to write on a consistent schedule, whether it is daily or weekly.
  2. Figure out what causes your writer’s block and learn to overcome it.
  3. Don’t let unfinished works drain your energy. Either bite the bullet and finish them or put them far, far away and forget them.
  4. Set a modest goal for pleasure reading.
  5. Make your writing space workable instead of a headache. Clean up your space, add things to inspire you or that make you happy to look at.
  6. Make realistic goals for the number of projects to write, submit, and promote for the year.
  7. Try writing a new genre or sub-genre.
  8. Focus on your accomplishments and reward yourself for them.
  9. Fight back being jealous of other writers, be proud of who you are as a writer, and keep working to improve your skills.
  10. Help other writers.
  11. Promote your writing skills daily in a blog post, on Twitter, on Facebook, or wherever…but don’t focus only on selling. Learn to be subtle and interesting to readers.


Tougher Resolutions for a Writer

  1. Update your website at least monthly.
  2. Update your blog at least weekly.
  3. Post on your social networks at least every other day.
  4. Learn to speak in public.
  5. Contact local libraries or local organizations about being available for speaking engagements.
  6. Attend as many writing conferences or workshops as you can afford.
  7. Be a speaker at writing conferences.
  8. Do at least one thing every day to self-promote.

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