Forever His released

Are you looking for a twist on a cowboy story? Blushing Books has just released my second paranormal book, Forever His (written as Skylar Faye).

Teri Pennington is a faery shape-shifter currently trying to figure out her next temporary career. While having car trouble she meets her reluctant white knight, a handsome, gruff cowboy. But she’s not the only with a secret. Seth Stevenson is an alpha werewolf without a pack who is definitely not looking for a woman to come busting into his life.

Title:  Forever His

Genre:  Paranormal Western Romance

Author:  Skylar Faye

Publisher:  Blushing Books

Buy Link:  Blushing Books

Buy Link:  Amazon



Teri Pennington is a faery shape-shifter on the run from her family and duties she doesn’t want. She is weary of her current job as a photographer and ready for a change when she gets stranded in the middle of Kansas and meets her reluctant white knight. He wants to help her for the night and send her on her way the next day. But she isn’t that easy to get rid of…not when she’s attracted to the handsome, gruff, secretive cowboy. Yet she can’t stay with him for long and risk exposing her secret, something he could never understand.

Seth Stevenson is an alpha werewolf without a pack, struggling to live a somewhat normal life as a rancher and keep his secret. He’s been successful, until a delicate woman so wrong for him suddenly crashes into his life. His protective instincts and his strong desire for her bring danger to his life. He can’t afford to fall in love with her and risk her learning what he really is. But how can he let go of the one woman he’s met that accepts the dominant side of him?

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