Finished Product: How to Choose an E-Publisher

I am moving from the editing process of your manuscript to what to do now with your finished product. This is a very important thought and research process. You have spent a lot of time writing and cleaning up your manuscript. Unless your plan is to bury it under your bed or hide it in a closet or some such nonsense, it is time to figure out that “What next?”

I have been writing and selling my manuscripts for quite a while now, around ten years. My process no longer usually–and I stress the ‘usually’–begins with just writing for the love and joy of the experience. As you should know if you have reached this finished product stage, sometimes there is a little hate and growling around involved in the writing experience. Still, I mainly write because I enjoy it. All of the experience: the coming up with an idea, the figuring out how to piece the characters and conflicts together, having my heroine find new and irritating ways to annoy the hero, having the hero learn to accept that he loves the drive-him-crazy heroine anyway, etc., etc.

Back to where I was going with my not usually just writing for the experience… I also do not ‘usually’ write something with the idea of figuring out later where I want to submit the manuscript. I am fortunate enough at this point in my writing career to have two e-publishers that I absolutely love working with. And occasionally there is a third one. I know what they like, how they work, and what they expect of me and what I expect of them. But that does not mean I don’t sometimes consider submitting to other places additionally. It is always good to keep your options open. But I must also stress here that I believe it is very important to be loyal to those who have helped build your career and helped you hone your skills.

With this particular blog post, I am focusing on what should go into your decision about seeking an e-publisher. There are a ton of them on the Internet, but you need to choose wisely. I know quite a few authors who have gotten badly burned, so to speak, by going with a house they didn’t thoroughly check out. Do not be one of those victims.

As always, I have added the artlce on How to Choose an E-Publisher to the Writing Tips on this blog (under My Writing Tips: Finished Product) and to the Writing Tools on my website.

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