Finished Product: How to Choose a POD Publisher

I want to continue with my posts about what to do with your finished manuscript. In the last post, I gave some tips that I hope will help you decide on choosing an e-publisher to pursue.

This time I want to give you some things to consider when looking at POD (Print On Demand) publishers. As with e-publishers, there are many POD publishers to look at. Publishing in this manner can be good, but you should be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of going this route. My very first book, Tug of Love, was published by iUniverse, a POD publisher, and is still available all over the Internet. It was a fairly easy process at the time and reasonably priced, too. The price there has gone up and the process is a bit more complicated now.

One of my e-publishers uses the POD process at various online distributors, such as Lulu and Amazon. These books are not available in bookstores, although I could purchase some and put them on consignment in some of the independent bookstores, but I have not chosen to do that at this time. From my experience with both Lulu and Amazon, the books are quickly available to someone purchasing them online.

POD publishing will become much more common in the future, as is predicted within the writing industry. Many of the medium-sized and some of the larger publishers are starting to use the POD process as well as the smaller direct POD publishers.

As always, I have added the article on How to Choose a POD Publisher to the Writing tips on this blog (under My Writing Tips: Finished Product) and to the Writing Tools on my website.

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