PROMOTION: Do you need a website or a blog?

Do you create a writer’s website or a writer’s blog? Are they essentially the same thing? Is it a question of “tomato” vs “tomatoe” or “potato” vs. “potatoe”? Kind of, but not really.

I have both and experience with both. Actually, I have several blogs, which can be a mistake if you’re not careful. I’m riding that borderline of not being careful. Blogs are designed to be regularly updated to keep readers coming back for fresh/new content. If you set up a blog, it is important you update it once a week, bi-weekly, or at least monthly. If you can’t devote the time to that, then don’t set it up.

A website is more formal, more business oriented. It needs to be updated, too, but not as regularly. For many writers (including myself), it is where I keep a complete listing of all my writing works and much more. I also have two blogs incorporated with the website. One is my more sporadic postings on various writing-related thoughts that cross my mind. The other is my Writing Tools blog.

My personal belief is that a published author needs both a website and a blog.  And it is best that they are linked together for more traffic all the way around.

The article I have added today, Website vs. Blog,  addresses the differences between websites and blogs. I will try to post next time about what I consider the most necessary parts of website or blog.

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