Decadent Publishing’s 1 Night Stand Series- Heroes – Upcoming Releases

Decadent Publishing has a number of romance books, some of them in one of many different series. Today I am showcasing the 1 Night Stand series and the authors of upcoming releases are sharing tidbits about their heroes. The series revolves around…

Madame Evangeline ~ A mysterious Frenchwoman, Eve’s goal is finding the perfect mate for the clients of her 1Night Stand matchmaking service. Sometimes she understands her customer’s needs better than they do and as a result, the success rate of her matchmaking is phenomenal. From suave hoteliers, to werewolves, to aliens on space stations…she’s got the match game down.

Kill Me Tomorrow by Diane Alberts

Genre:  Paranormal Romance

Gavin is half demon-half man, in the supernatural world, he is called a demi-sanguine. Or, to his enemies, a half breed. Gavin has shunned his dark heritage, and chooses to live like a human—but the temptation to revert to his base urges is overwhelming when he meets Jasmine. She is a jinn who is convinced that he is her enemy, simply because he has demon blood in his veins.

Now, he must figure out a way to show her that she didn’t need to kill him, at least not tonight…

Buy Link:  Decadent Publishing, coming soon

Author Website: Diane Alberts

Facebook: Diane Alberts

Twitter: Diane Alberts


Something Different by Maureen Betita

Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance

The hero of Something Different is a charming Cuban man, full of old world character and morals. Aaron Castillo believes in treating women with attentive politeness. He harbors a deep protective streak and a certainty that with the death of his wife, love is done with him. He’s wrong.

Buy Link:  Decadent Publishing, coming soon

Author Website: Maureen Betita




Cinderella Wore Combat Boots by D L Jackson

Genre:  Contemporary Erotic Romance

Sol Keller, a former Navy Seal with a secret, is looking for a woman that can appreciate him for the man he is, and not run from what he isn’t. He’s a hero, a great dancer and the owner of a company that helps injured vets. He’s also an amputee.

Buy Link:  Decadent Publishing, coming soon

Author Website:  D L Jackson

Facebook: D L Jackson

Twitter:  D L Jackson


Starting Over by Starla Kaye

Genre:  GLBT Erotic Romance

Matthieu DuCharme has loved and lost the man he believed he would love forever. He is reluctant to get back into the dating game until he agrees to try Madame Evangeline’s matching services. Even then he is reluctant to take on a man who is finally “coming out.”

Corbin Bradley has finally admitted to his family and ex-wife that he is gay, but he is reluctant to go a step farther and try dating. With encouragement, he tries Madame Evangeline’s  service and then is unsure about actually sharing his first night with a seasoned gay man.

Buy Link:  Decadent Publishing, coming soon

Author Website:  Starla Kaye

Facebook: Starla Kaye

Twitter: Starla Kaye


Sweet Irish Kiss by JoAnne Kenrick

Genre:  Contemporary Erotic Romance

Shaun Bell is an Irish hottie straight from Northern Ireland. He runs a successful Irish Bar in Soho, London He recently hired an old friend from Ireland to be a full time barman even though he didn’t need the extra help. That’s him all over, a big softy with a generous heart. As much as it’s a blessing for others, it’s a curse for him; his ex wife took advantage of his kind nature and ran away with the Fishmonger from down the street, taking his life savings with her. Thank goodness for the bar, or he’d be up the creek without a pint of Beamish to keep him company at night. Hopefully, a 1NightStand matched by the intuitive Madame Eve will change all that for him.

Buy Link:  Decadent Publishing, coming soon

Author Website: JoAnne Kenrick

Vlog: JoAnne Kenrick

Facebook:  JoAnne Kenrick

Twitter:  JoAnne Kenrick


Savannah’s Ghost Tale by Kali Willows

Genre:  Paranormal Erotic Romance

Cameron Evans is a genuinely nice guy, and a lonely one. His job doesn’t attract women; in fact, it repels them, most often with a terrified scream or two. Cameron is handsome, charismatic and sexy. He’s a gifted tour guide and psychic, that can’t turn off his talent. Seeing the undead is a turn off for his dates, especially since most of them have loved ones who have passed away. His sweet and tender persona remains intact, but in the bedroom (or the hot tub), he is a sexual dynamo with a deliciously dark side.

Buy Link:  Decadent Publishing, coming soon

Author Website: Kali Willows

Blog: Kali Willows


This Endris Night by D L Jackson

Genre: Sci-Fi Erotic Romance

Gunnar isn’t from Earth, but he’s in Alaska for a reason. He’s charged with collecting the wreckage from a two hundred year old crash. A doppelganger by birth, Gunnar can take the shape of any species, blending in with the indigenous wildlife when he needs to.

Buy Link:  Decadent Publishing, coming Christmas

Author Website:  D L Jackson




6 thoughts on “Decadent Publishing’s 1 Night Stand Series- Heroes – Upcoming Releases

  1. D L Jackson

    Hey, I get to be first to comment. Excellent.
    It doesn’t cease to amaze me the talent that Decadent has gathered together to write this series. Though a themed series, there is something for everyone. From contemporay, bondage, menage to aliens and weres, the fantastic stories just keep coming. I’m so excited to be part of this group of amazing authors. The reviews I see are outstanding. The stories I’ve read so far, leave no doubt in my mind I need to own every single one of them.

    D L Jackson

  2. JoAnne Kenrick

    OMG they all sound rocking… I tell you, the 1NS series rocks but it’s costing me a fortune LMAO And it’s a darn honor to be apart of it 🙂 Thanks for compiling this for our ‘decadent’ heros, Starla xx


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