Decadent Publishing’s 1 NIGHT STAND Heroes

Decadent Publishing has a number of romance books, some of them in one of many different series. Today I am showcasing the 1 Night Stand series and the authors are sharing tidbits about their heroes. The series revolves around…

Madame Evangeline ~ A mysterious Frenchwoman, Eve’s goal is finding the perfect mate for the clients of her 1Night Stand matchmaking service. Sometimes she understands her customer’s needs better than they do and as a result, the success rate of her matchmaking is phenomenal. From suave hoteliers, to werewolves, to aliens on space stations…she’s got the match game down.

TO FEEL AGAIN by Valerie Mann

Genre: Contemporary, Erotic, Interracial Romance

Heat Level: 4

Jackson Castillo ~ Tall, dark and brooding, and the president of the uber-luxurious worldwide chain of Castillo Resorts and Hotels, he has no time for dating, let alone love. So you can imagine his annoyance when Madame Eve resorts to coercion to hook him up with a woman.

Buy Link:  Decadent Publishing

Author Website:  Valerie Mann


Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance

Heat Level: 4

(Mark) Hi ladies, if you’d like to step over here to my couch, and have a seat, I’d be happy to tell you a little about myself. I’d sit with you but…I’ve recently become involved with a woman who meets all my fantasies, is aware of my past, and trusts me.


So you sit there, and I’ll sit over here on this nice chair, and if Julia comes in, everyone will still be happy.  Truthfully, I want her to be happy, and even if we all sat in a heap, she’d still trust me and she’d be right. Despite my years of dating, until I met Julia, I didn’t form any lasting attachments. Lots of club girls, perfect bodies, perfect hair, brains an option.

So, what would you like to know about me? I’m a busy guy, lots of friends, and most of my friends are married and settled down and couldn’t stand to see me single and happy. So they dared me to sign up for this 1NightStand dating service. I can’t turn down a dare, so I did it and showed up expecting a night of no commitment sex with a pretty girl—a Saturday night, in other words.

Well, five minutes with Miss Julia, and I was a goner. She’s beautiful, but in a real way, smart, sweet…and so sexy I was ready to have her right then, and as many times as she’d allow. But she was so much more than the girls I met in the clubs, and all of a sudden single didn’t seem so happy after all. And all that wrapped up in a package that hadn’t been opened yet. Hard as it was to believe, my gorgeous date was a virgin. She chose not to tell me about that until it was no longer the case.

Anyway, Kate wrote the story for us, so if you want to hear the details, check it out. But let it be said that I visited a jewelry store last month and Julia and I have a big date tonight. She’s talked her friend Charlotte into trying out 1NS and she thinks we’re going to celebrate that.

One of my married friends and his wife own the nicest little French bistro in town…and they’re almost as excited as I am. The champagne is chilling. Wish me luck.

Buy Link:  http:  Decadent Publishing

Author Website:  Kate Richards

Short Stories: Kate Richards

BURN ME IF YOU CAN by Mahalia Levey

Buy Link:  Decadent Publishing

Genre: Contemporary, Erotic, Interracial Romance

Heat Level:  4

Ashton Foster is the man who has been looking for love in all the wrong places, or so it seems. Even his family has taken it upon themselves to set him up on blind dates. Appalled at the intrusive nature of his own, he seeks to find his own woman in the last place anyone would think to find him. Skeptic at heart, he doesn’t believe he’ll find what he’s looking for, but isn’t as closed off to the idea as he’d like others to think. His business flourishes and is rock solid, now all he needs is the perfect woman to share his life with him–not the man with the multi-million dollar empire.

Author Website:  Mahalia Levey

Blog: The Decadent Side of Sin

Facebook:  Mahalia Levey

Twitter:  Mahalia Levey

IT’S A JUNGLE OUT THERE by Stephanie Williams

Buy Link: Decadent Publishing

Genre:  Contemporary, Erotic, Interracial Romance

Heat Level: 4

Maxwell Evans is a hot and upcoming actor. But already he’s disillusioned about finding the ideal woman. Sick of dating nothing but shallow beauties who are more interested in riding his coattails than anything else, he checks out 1NightStand. He’d rather have a night of passion with a woman that knows nothing about his fame, than a long-term relationship with someone that has hopes of fame and fortune.

Author Website:

ONE NIGHT WITH A WOLF by Rebecca Royce

Buy Link: Decadent Publishing

Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal, Erotic Romance

Heat Level: 4

Joseph Penn is a Werewolf who has come to New York City to celebrate his sister’s birthday. Having been turned against his will years earlier in a violent attack, he spends as little time as possible away from his secluded home. Sitting in the bar, waiting for his sister, he’s shocked when he receives an unexpected text from his old friend, Madame Evangeline, the owner of the exclusive dating service, 1Night Stand, telling him he’s being set up with a woman in that very bar.

Author Website:  Rebecca Royce

Blog: Rebecca Royce


Buy Link: Decadent Publishing

Genre: Contemporary, Erotic, BDSM Romance

Heat Level:  4

Ian MacDonald turns forty and begins thinking more about his future. His day job as writer of steamy erotica and night job as part-time Dom has him worried he will never have a “normal” relationship. With his particular kinky quirks, what woman would consider him husband material? Madame Eve is pretty good at her job, but can she really find him a match that can be more than just a one-night flash in the pan?

Author Website:  Starla Kaye

Facebook:  Starla Kaye Writer

Twitter: Starla Writes


Buy Link:  Decadent Publishing

Genre:  Sci-Fi, Paranormal, Erotic Romance

Heat Level:  3

Frey Berger arrived on Earth as a field informant for the Space Service from the planet Guinnun. On his home planet, all emotions are banned, including love for life partner and child. After spending a year on Earth, he realizes he wants to feel all human emotions, including love. He learns of Madame Evangeline’s dating service, but is unaware of the definition of a one-night stand. Frey will need to convince Carrie that her perfect mate isn’t human at all, and that one night can lead to a forever love.

Author Website:  Jessica E. Subject

Facebook:  Jessica E Subject

Twitter:  Jessica E Subject

Goodreads: Jessica E Subject

NIGHT MISSION by Desiree Holt

Buy Link:  Decadent Publishing

Genre:  Contemporary, “Cougar” May-December, Military Romance

Heat Level:  4

Gabriel “Gabe” Walker is the ultimate alpha male, a Navy SEAL and a Texan, tall, good looking, loaded with sex appeal yet very in tune to pleasing a woman. Although the idea of the 1 Night Stand concept appeals to him he really wants a woman he can settle down with. Someone who understand his commitment to the SEALs and has a brain. No fluffheads for him. He wants a real woman.

Author Website:  Desiree Holt

Blog:  Desiree Holt Tells All

Twitter:  Story Scribe

BACK IN THE SADDLE by Ashlynn Monroe

Buy Link: Decadent Publishing

Genre: Erotic Romance, Shapeshifter, Paranormal

Heat Level:  4

David, the hero, rescued a three-legged cat as a kitten.  Werewolves typically aren’t cat people, but David has a soft spot for anything or anyone in need of healing.  He lives on a Montana ranch and, with training, his horse have overcome their fear of his scent.

Author Website:  Ashlynn Monroe

Blog:  Ashlynn Monroe

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