DANIEL: Braddocks, Book One – Just Released

I’m happy to announce the release of my first book in a new Western historical series, Braddocks, from Blushing Books. DANIEL: Braddocks, Book One introduces the five Braddock brothers. It is available from Blushing Books and Amazon.

Jennie had fallen in love with Sheriff Daniel Braddock the night they’d first met at her parents’ party. He’d been back in Boston to see his parents, but not planning to stay. His life was in frontier Kansas now and he swore he would never come back here again. She didn’t want him to leave; he couldn’t stay. But they’d decided to marry, in spite of their differences, in spite of both their families being against it. All she knew was that she wanted him…and she would find a way to convince him to move back to Boston.

He’d married Jennie in a spell of craziness. She was from the life he’d left behind and would never return to. Their marriage would never work. She was pampered and spoiled. She would never make a frontier wife. So he’d left her behind with her parents, telling her he would come back for her, certain she would come to her senses first. And then she came to find him…

Daniel couldn’t let her stay, but he couldn’t let her go either. But he damn sure wasn’t going to let her think she could manipulate him. A good man understood the importance of keeping his woman in line, loving her, too, but definitely applying his hand to her butt when needed. Jennie loved a challenge, loved her stubborn husband. But did they love each other enough?

ADAM: Braddocks, Book Two will be released later this year.

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