Crying – Don’t panic!

her cowboy's way 2015.inddI write romantic stories which involve emotions, including women occasionally crying. Most men, including my heroes, look at a woman crying and get panicky. Did they do something wrong? Can they help her? Should they flee for their lives? Sometimes my men are the reason for their woman’s tears. And they always comfort the woman they love…or attempt to anyway.



Benefits of crying

Crying helps get rid of stress hormones

Crying can brings the person closer to other  people (family, friends, husbands/lovers)

What makes a woman cry?

Hormones: Those crazy little devils inside a female body get to women at different times, more so during that phase of the month around the time of her period. The emotions can be all over the place, making crying impossible to stop.

Tear-Jerker Movies: A woman tends to become involved in the movie, particularly with certain characters. She cries because she’s happy about something happening to the character. Or crying is a reaction to something sad or tragic that happened.

Worry and Tension: A woman gets caught up in everything happening around her and in her life. Concerned about herself, her job, her husband/lover, her family and her friends can lead to bouts of crying.

Acts of Kindness: Women get touched emotionally by a gift received for no real reason, or an unexpected compliment. They can get misty eyed from receiving a card, a gift from a loved one, or even by getting an email or text with something said that touches their heart. This is happy crying.

Weddings: The act of witnessing a wedding can trigger tears. Women get emotional about the repeating of vows or the sharing of special vows written between the loving couple. Seeing your daughter going from your care into the care of whoever she is marrying can bring on a crying spell.

Saying Goodbye: There are so many times in life when we say goodbye to someone: going away for whatever length of time, moving away to start a new life, leaving a job and work friends, seeing a military family member or friend deploying. Crying is common during grieving at someone dying or after their passing.

Showing Anger: Sometimes a woman gets so upset in an argument that she cries. Or something happens to a child, a mate, or a friend and she cries in frustration, defense, or pure anger.

Remembering: A woman gets emotional thinking about something that happened in the past, good or bad. A crying session can happen when she sits and looks at old photos of family or friends. The memories are so touching.

Broken Heart: Love can be such an emotional thing for a woman that crying happens. The ups and the downs, the arguments and the making up. The discovery of special feelings for someone; the hurt when the feelings aren’t returned.


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her cowboy's way 2015.inddHER COWBOY’S WAY – By Starla Kaye

2 thoughts on “Crying – Don’t panic!

  1. Kathy

    I loved this post. I cry easily and I tend to make my heroines cry. I think it’s a great way to show emotion but I do have to be careful that I don’t overdo it as most women are a bit tougher than me. I think one of the things I’ve always struggled to cry about are goodbyes. When my mother died I didn’t cry for months. I think I bottled up so much and never used to cry in movies, etc. When I fell in love with my husband, that all changed. Now my kids tease me as I cry so easily in movies. Love softened a heart that had hardened from sorrow.

  2. Eva Lefoy

    Most of the time men worry that they did something wrong and the woman is going to be angry at them for making her cry. that’s not always the case though for sure!


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