Creating Stories from “What Ifs”

One of my favorite things to do is play “What if?” It is a great game, a great tool for writers. Most writers have such great imaginations to begin with and letting it run free from time to time only helps hone our writing skills. And it can help a writer come up with a story idea.

I do this with people I see in various situations. What if he/she did…?

I do this while sitting somewhere, while walking someplace, or while driving in different locations. What if this was happening here? What if this was a hundred years ago, two hundered years ago?

I do this when I read something in the newspaper or a magazine. What if instead…?

I also do this when I look back at photographs I have taken on various vacations.

Here are a few photos that entice me to let my mind play the “What if?” game.

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