Cowboys: Rope, Lasso, Lariat, and More

cowboy with lariatCowboys: Rope, Lasso, Lariat and More

Did you know that the word “lasso” refers to the act of throwing the looped noose at the end of a “lariat”? Lassoing is the actual synonym for roping a cow or a horse.

Some Useful Definitions:

Hoolihan: A particular style of loop used when throwing a rope. The loop is thrown over the head for roping horses. The rope is not swung round and round before it is released, to keep from exciting the animal.

Lariat: A long rope made of braided rawhide, hemp or polyester or nylon. It has a running noose at one end, which is used for catching horses and cattle. The noose (ring) can be tightened by pulling the other end.

Pigging String: A short piece of rope carried on the saddle. Used for tying the back legs and one front leg of an animal so they can’t get up.

Rope Strap: A strap made mainly from leather, with a buckle. It is attached to the pommel of a saddle to attach a rope.

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    Penny, I know the term sounds funny. But I don’t think the animals actually tied up with it do much “giggling.”


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