Cowboys: Building a Western Story World

For-Ruby’s-Love-bannerI write a lot of romances involving cowboys. One of my most recent releases includes a cowboy and ranching. FOR RUBY’S LOVE, from Decadent Publishing, also includes a cowgirl horse therapist.


Many elements are involved when writing a western story. I have previously done a number of posts about various cowboy items, such as jeans, boots, ropes, and hats.

This time I want to share some links to good places for doing research on the cowboy world.

Basic Horse Care – Horse behavior, feeding, hoof care, common health problems, psychology for riders

Horse Supplies- Country Supply– Dewormers, pest control, horsewear, supplements, medications, leg protection and hoof boots, fencing, stable supplies, halters and leads, grooming and bathing, riding apparel, Western tack, farrier tools, and more

Breeds of Livestock – Cattle, horses, goats, sheep, swine

Beef Cattle Terminology – The lingo of the trade

Pedigree Cattle Breeds – The CattleSite – Beef and dairy breeds, breeders, societies and associations

Cowboy Wear-Cavender’s – Cowboy hats, boots, jeans, shirts, and more

Cowboy Hat Guide – Hat selection and care, storage, size and fitting, wearing and handling, protecting and cleaning, cowboy hat etiquette

Cowboy Lingo – The people and land, personal gear, saddles and tack glossary, horse terms, cattle terms, cattle drives

Ranch Vacations – Dude ranch rates, selecting a ranch, list of dude ranches, international ranches, ranch categories

Saddles & Tack – Chick Saddlery – Saddles of all kinds, bridles and headstalls, breast straps, reins, saddle pads, blankets, bits, girths and cinches, saddle bags, stirrups, spurs, halters, leads, horse boots, leg wraps, snaps, buckets, horse grooming aids, chaps, and more


For Ruby’s Love-110x165MINI BLURB

Rancher Calhoun Cordell and businessman Daniel Patterson have struggled for almost two years as a couple, with careers and goals often in conflict. A tragic fire, leading to a traumatized valuable breeding mare, has Calhoun sending for a well-known horse whisperer. Except the man is dead. His daughter, Ruby McMurtry, shows up for the job instead and complicates their lives even more.


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by Starla Kaye

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