Cowboy Dreamin’ coming February 14

CowboyDreamin_200Oh my gosh, Decadent Publishing is releasing my new novella COWBOY DREAMIN’ on Valentine’s Day! My three characters: Kendra, Shane, and Carson will be so happy.

Here is a teaser blurb:

Love and romance rank lowest on Kendra’s To Do List. Still, she fantasizes of a tall, dark and handsome cowboy lover—a white knight in a Stetson who will carry her off into the sunset. That’s only a dream…until Madame Eve sends her two cowboys for a special night. She’s uncertain at first, but how can she resist either of their sexy grins or the heat in their eyes? But will one night really be enough?

I had such fun writing about these three special people and I hope you enjoy reading about them.

Publisher Buy Link: Coming soon listing until February 14 when it will be sold as normal under Starla Kaye.

Buy Link: All Romance Ebooks: Available for pre-order before February 14, after that date it will be available for regular purchasing under Starla Kaye’s books.

Amazon Buy Link: Will be available beginning February 13 under Starla Kaye’s books.

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