Cowboy Boots: From cowhide to anteater skin

Cowboy bootCowboys…I am totally fascinated by them, everything about them, including what they wear.

Today I’m at the 1Night Stand Series blog talking about “His boots were made of anteater skin” and a few other tidbits about cowboy boots. Drop by to read what I shared and to learn more about the whole 1 Night Stand Series from Decadent Publishing.




Now I’m going to share even more information about cowboy boots. Here are some of the more interesting materials from which boots are made:

  • Cowhide leather is the most common choice of material used. This kind of leather is durable, looks good, and allows the feet to breathe. Plus these boots are more affordable.
  • Ostrich is the most favored of the exotic skins used for boots. The skin has a unique grain and several different kinds of patterns. Again, these boots are fairly durable and let the feet breathe well.
  • Snakeskin boots are made from a number of different kinds of snakes such as python, rattlesnake, water snake, boa, and cobra. The most common snakeskin boots are made from python and rattlesnake skins. These are beautiful boots with unique patterns. These boots are more for dress than ranch work and they require a lot of maintenance and care.
  • Lizard skin boots are usually made from alligator lizard of hornback lizard. They are easy to shine and have very distinctive patterns. Again, these are boots mainly for dressing up.
  • Elephant skin boots are very scuff-resistant, but they require care and maintenance.
  • Eel skin boots are a popular choice of boot because the skin is soft and supple, with a smooth, sleek look. These boots are lightweight and have a good strength.
  • Alligator skin boots are also a popular choice for cowboys because they are distinctive. They are expensive, but they are great dress boots with their high gloss finish and deep, rich color.
  • Goatskin boots are similar to kangaroo skinned boots, but not as strong. These boots are less expensive than some of the other more exotic boots. They are soft and breathable for the feet.
  • Anteater boots have a similar look to alligator. Due to their rarity, these boots are very expensive and are something of a status symbol in the world of cowboy boots.

Other exotic skins used for cowboy boots include bison, calfskin, elk, shark, hippo, and kangaroo.

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