Cold weather…hot nights

Is the cold weather getting to you? Try warming up your nights (or days) reading about some “hot,” strong-willed men who butt heads with some equally strong-willed women.

Enjoy a masterful man of the seas? Pirate Hawke’s patience is tried when he finds Lady Sabrina Whitley hiding on his ship. Hawke’s Lady.

What about a medieval hardened English knight weary of battles? Thomas Lancaster and his trusted friend/lover are forced to deal with Lady Gloriana, who both despises them and is drawn to them. Their Lady Gloriana.

Or how about a Scottish Highland warrior? Wounded and healing physically and mentally, Brodie Durward heads home from the Crusades to find peace only to run into a spirited traveling tinker woman, Annabel Henderson. The Great Scottish Devil.

Then there is a battle-weary English knight. Nicholas Neville wants nothing more than to get home from the Crusades, but the king orders him to bring the Scottish hellion, Maggie Durwood, with him. Maggie Mine.

Or does the Old West and a gruff cowboy appeal to you? Sheriff Mac MacDonnell believed his young wife had died back east, until Caitlin shows up in his town. If You Loved Me.