Christmas, Cowboys and Tender Moments

I love Christmas, cowboys, and tender moments in a romance. Today on my Starla Kaye blog I’m sharing teasers about some of the tender moments by my newest cowboys.


Author:  Starla Kaye

Author Website:  Starla Kaye

Genre:  Contemporary, Erotic Romance

Publisher:  Black Velvet Seductions

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For the Love of His Cowgirl

His heart pounded. God, he loved her so much. He started forward and then froze. What the hell had he been thinking today? Going into town to meet with a few of the ranchers about some area news. He’d forgotten all about what day it was, all about putting up the Christmas tree. Damn, damn, damn. He’d let Amber down.

He patted his pocket and the envelope he had there. Hopefully what he’d bought her would go a ways toward showing her how much she meant to him.

Braced for seeing his wife and disappointment on her face, he stepped into the great room. Christmas had taken over the room. The mantel held his mother’s nativity set and collection of angels. He’d almost forgotten about them since his father hadn’t put them out in the few years since she’d died. Stockings were hung and looked stuffed, but he couldn’t imagine with what. Most amazingly, Amber had put up their tree and decorated it. She’d gone to all of this effort for him…for them. His heart swelled with love.


Snowed in with Her Cowboy

He stared at the Christmas tree he’d cut down this morning and hauled back to the house with the help of his ranch foreman. Tom hadn’t said a word as they’d put the tree up and then toted box after box of decorations down from the attic. This was the first year Kelly hadn’t picked out a tree and helped him with the hauling and the decorating. It didn’t feel right to do this alone but they needed a tree. He knew how busy she was, how stressed she’d been. If all he could do to help her was put up their tree, he was more than glad to do it.

He stepped back to study the tree that sat by the stone fireplace. Had he hung too many lights? Not enough? Had he put on the ornaments she liked best? This wasn’t his expertise, but he wanted to do it right for Kelly. He wanted to take at least one of the usual tasks she performed at Christmas time off of her shoulders.


All I Want for Christmas (Biggest Prize Ever)

Then he looked uncertain, shifted nervously. After a couple of awkward seconds, he walked toward her with a small box in his hand. His tan had faded a bit. She almost took pity on him, sensing what he was building up the courage to do, hoping she was right.

“I…I…” He cleared his throat, looked unsure how to proceed.

Fighting a smile, she motioned him down.

He took the hint and went to one knee in front of her. He still appeared pale, nervous. But he opened the box and she nearly lost it seeing the gorgeous diamond. She sniffed a couple of times and tears flowed silently down her face.

“Are you crying?” he asked in disbelief. “Am I doing this all wrong?” He started to stand, grumbling, “Damn. I knew I’d screw this up.”

She shoved on his shoulder to keep him from getting to his feet. “You’re doing just fine. But hurry it up, please.”

He frowned. “Patience, woman. This isn’t easy.”


Cowboys and Their Toys

Jason couldn’t believe what she’d done for him. He’d seen her sitting there in a somewhat submissive slave manner and been surprised. She was making an effort to tell him that she was willing to move their lifestyle to the next level. She hadn’t exactly said that, but he understood. This was a huge step for her. Until now he’d bought everything they used in their games. Each time he’d worried that maybe he’d gone too far, but she’d never really complained. But this! A submissive’s collar…nipple clamps. The collar represented something of big importance to her. He knew she saw it as losing who she was. He saw it as her trusting him enough to let him be in charge. He would never let her lose the very special woman she was. He would guard and protect her, own her…but with the strength of his love for her.

He looked down at the most precious gift from her, herself wrapped in a big red bow. When he’d seen her, his heart had nearly pounded right out of his chest. Never, ever would he forget this Christmas. He wanted to see her completely naked. Yet he was reluctant to remove the bow.


Naughty, Naughty Cowgirl

He studied the tree he’d had one of his men help drag in earlier. He should have gone to her showing, but he’d been so depressed he hadn’t wanted to ruin her big moment. So he’d stayed at the ranch and moped around. Actually he’d moped around ever since she’d driven away almost a month ago. Why the hell hadn’t he called her? Because he hadn’t wanted to hear her say she wanted a divorce. Because communication wasn’t something he was good at. Somehow he needed to get better at it.


His gaze shifted to the stack of boxes with decorations he’d dragged down from the attic. He usually helped with this, but Nicci was in charge of decorating the tree and house. He wasn’t even sure he could do this on his own, or whether he wanted to.

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