Christmas and Cowboys

Christmas and Cowboys, two of my favorite things. As a child, I looked forward to Christmas mainly because of the fun of decorating our family’s tree, making a gazillion holiday cookies, coming up with a list of what I wanted as gifts, going to see Santa, and going Christmas caroling with my church friends.

As a parent of a young child, my view on some of the things I liked as a child changed a bit. It was exciting to have our own Christmas tree as a couple and to start collecting ornaments that meant something to us. Through the years that meant adding those “beautiful” handmade items our daughter made. (Most of which we still have many years later and continue to hang on the tree.) Making cookies and candies with my daughter was fun, although most of the time it was just me doing the making…and her doing the eating.

Going to see Santa wasn’t something my daughter really liked. I have only one picture of that event. But we did have “Santa” show up at several of the family get-togethers, which delighted the older aunts and uncles more than the kids. I’m still a huge Santa fan and have a large collection of them to struggle with finding where to put them out at Christmas time.

As an adult with no children at home any longer, I still enjoy Christmas. What makes me happiest about the time now is the getting together with family and friends. We don’t make as many cookies or as much candy now that most of us our more health conscious, eat less sugar. But, oh, the memories of those “sweeter” times.

As a romance writer, I love writing Christmas stories…especially ones that include Cowboys. If you look through my book list, you will see that the majority of my stories are about those hunky, sometimes gruff, stubborn, often heart-bruised, sinfully sexy men in worn jeans, dusty boots, and a wide-brimmed hat.

My newest Christmas release is OH SO NICE…AND NAUGHTY from Blushing Books. It is a second chance at love story with two of my favorite characters.

Kandee O’Connor left her home town as soon as she could, heart-bruised, and determined to never return for more than a visit.  But she’s tired of her career that has kept her too busy for any kind of relationship, even for losing her virginity. Now she’s gone home and comes face-to-face with the boy—now a man—who was partly responsible for why she’d left all those years ago. Her feelings are stronger than ever for him…and she wants him to help her with the virginity problem, but that’s all. Right?

Sean Masters left his home town and became a successful pro-football quarterback, but now his football career is over. He’s lost, expected to take over the family ranch, but doubts he can do it.  His life is a mess. Then he runs into Kandee, a girl—now a beautiful woman—who he still feels guilt over for something that happened when she was sixteen. In some twisted way, she wants him to right the wrong he’d done her. She wants him to be her first lover. What she needs is a good spanking and he’s just the man to give her one.

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