Character Interview: Tristan, Mac and Alastor from Between Heaven & Hell

Character Interview: Tristan, Mac and Alastor from Between Heaven & Hell by L. M. Brown


I am excited today to welcome a rather unusual trio: an angel (Mac), a demon (Alastor), and a mortal (Tristan). Apparently, the three of you have had quite a time in starting a relationship. Sit back and let’s get started with the interview.





Can you tell the readers a little about yourselves?

Tristan:  I’ll go first shall I?

Mac:  Sure.  You can answer for Alastor if you like as well, since I don’t think he wants to be here.

Alastor  *sulks*

Tristan:  I’m Tristan and I’m just a regular human.  I guess it seems odd to specify that I’m human, but of the three of us, I’m the only one who is. Machidiel is an angel and Alastor’s a demon.

Alastor:  Did you see the way she narrowed her eyes when you told her what I was?  And you haven’t even told her the rest yet!

Mac:  Alastor, it’s just a little interview.  No one is going to judge you.

Tristan:  I guess you want to know what Alastor means about the rest.  Well, we’re in a relationship together.  You know, in a….

Alastor:  A ménage a trois is the phrase he’s trying and failing to say.

Mac:  You could say what we have together is pretty unusual.  Do you want to know more?

Absolutely I want to more about the three of you. And I didn’t mean to narrow my eyes, sorry.


Can you share a couple of random thoughts about yourselves, something that will surprise the readers?

Mac:  Like Tristan said, I’m an angel and I answer directly to the Archangel Raphael.  It’s forbidden for me to have a relationship with Alastor or any other demon.

Alastor:  Which is why we don’t have sex with each other, only with Tristan.  I’m not supposed to sleep with angels either, but unlike Mac I’m up for a little rule breaking.

Tristan:  I’m a one man kind of guy, or at least I thought I was until I met Mac and Alastor.  I can sometimes be a bit insensitive, but Mac sets me straight and keeps us all together.

Well, it sounds like you have an interesting relationship. I’m with you, Alastor, I’m always up for “a little rule breaking.” I know, me bad.


How about sharing something with us about your ordinary lives before the upheaval to it?

Alastor:  My life has never been normal, at least not that I can recall.  I was human once, but I traded my memories to escape from Hell and have been a demon ever since.

Tristan:  You work for the council. That sounds pretty normal.

Alastor:  “Sounds” being the key word there.

Mac:  I remember my mortal life.  I was a healer amongst my people thousands of years ago.  My life as an angel has never been entirely normal.  I work at the local hospital, but my duties include not only what you would imagine, but also healing those who are on my list from my other bosses.

Tristan:  I’m probably the only one who has had an ordinary life in the way you’d think of it.  I worked in construction until I was laid off last year.  Mac and Alastor are helping me find a new job.

That’s nice of them.


What upset your ordinary world and brought you into contact with each other?

Tristan:  I guess that question is for me since Mac and Alastor have known each other for centuries.  I met Mac first just over a year ago.

Alastor:  Actually you saw me first.

Tristan:  But we didn’t get together until a year later.

Alastor:  Only because Mac horned his way onto the dance floor first.

Mac:  You snooze, you lose.

Alastor:  Ha-bloody-ha!

Tristan:  Just ignore them.  They love each other really.  Alastor is kind of right.  I saw him at this club and was sure I was going to be going home with him that night, but then Mac appeared out of nowhere and we had a one night stand.  I wanted more but Mac had disappeared at dawn.  Then Alastor showed up on my doorstep a year later claiming we had a date.

Alastor:  We did have a date.  I told you so as you were leaving the club.

Tristan:  Fine, we had a date. I’d just forgotten.  I thought no one could match up to Mac, but Alastor managed it.  The next morning Mac turned up as well and they put the idea to me of the three of us forming a relationship together.

Okay, it took a little time, but you ended up together. Good.


What was your immediate reaction to each other?

Alastor:  I wanted Mac and Tristan from the moment I set eyes on them.  And I always get what I want. Don’t think I didn’t notice that you directed the second question to Mac and Tristan and not me.  Would it surprise you to know this little set up was Mac’s idea?

Mac:  *nods*

Alastor:  Not that I didn’t think the idea was a good one.  I was all for it even though I don’t usually do relationships.

Tristan:  I wasn’t quite so eager.  I might have been attracted to both Mac and Alastor right from the start, but the idea of a three way was not one I took lightly.  I got advice from Lawrence, my oldest friend, before I went ahead with it.

Mac:  I guess I’m the only one who didn’t fall for both of these guys right away.  I was instantly attracted to Tristan, but it took me a little longer to fall for Alastor.  You have to remember we were working against each other for years.  But he’s not like other demons.  He’s actually quite sweet.

Alastor:  I am not!  I’m a bloody demon.

Tristan:  He is sweet.  He’s a romantic too.

Alastor:  Stop ganging up on me!

Tristan:  Not that you’ll ever get him to admit it. He’d like everyone to think it’s just about the sex and keep his demon image intact.

Mac:  We know different though.

You guys are something else!


You said relationships between angels and demons were forbidden. Were you annoyed that these rules were getting in the way of the three of you being together?

Alastor:  I don’t really care about those rules.  I think as long as there’s a possibility I can corrupt a powerful angel like Mac, my boss won’t care if we’re sleeping together.

Mac:  I’m not going to be corrupted.  I follow the rules the Archangels set down and that means we cannot have intercourse with each other.  Sometimes it does annoy me that I can’t be with Alastor in truth, but then I remind myself our relationship is not just about sex.  I love him.

Tristan:  *smiles at Mac*

Alastor:  *blushes and looks away*

Tristan:  I can’t do anything about the rules, but I do know that if Mac and Alastor ever did come together it would be HOT!

I can imagine it would be sizzling HOT!


Were there any other people who seriously interfered in reaching your goal?

Alastor:  You mean apart from a host of Archangels and the Demon King trying to keep us apart?

Tristan:  They aren’t exactly keeping us apart though, are they?

Alastor:  You know what I mean.

Mac:  Actually, there is one other person who doesn’t like what we have together.

Tristan:  *sighs*  Lawrence.  He’s been my best friend since college.  We were lovers for a while but that’s ancient history.

Alastor:  Not as ancient as all that. Practically yesterday in fact.

Tristan:  Ancient for me then.  He doesn’t really like the idea of me being in this ménage.  He thinks I’m being greedy and that I should find one nice normal bloke to settle down with.  I’m hoping he’ll come round when he realizes what we have together is forever.


So you think he’ll accept your relationship?

Tristan:  I hope so.  I don’t want to choose between my best friend and what I have with Alastor and Mac.

Mac:  We would not ask you to make such a choice.

Tristan:  It may come to that anyway.

Alastor:  Lawrence is just jealous of what we have together.


Speaking of jealousy, do any of you ever find yourselves jealous of the other two?

Alastor:  Um.

Tristan:  Er.

Mac:  That would be two yeses.  Both Alastor and Tristan have some issues with jealousy.  We’re working on them.



Who makes the first compromise to attempt peace in your relationship when jealousy or other issues get in the way?

Tristan:  Mac’s usually the voice of reason, though we all have to make the effort to get things back on track.

Alastor:  I’d say you’re pretty good at making the effort yourself.

Tristan:  Maybe, but it’s Mac’s prodding that makes me.


You managed to make things work between you after some ups and downs. Would you go through all of that again?

Tristan:  Yes.

Alastor:  Absolutely.

Mac:  Of course.

At last – something you all agree on.


Thank you for giving your readers some of your time and sharing a little about yourselves. Now you can sit back and relax and I’ll talk a bit with your author, L.M. Brown.

L.M., what drives you to be a writer?

I think what drives me to write is the simple fact that if I don’t get the stories buzzing round in my head written down, I would go stark raving mad.

I love telling stories and exploring eventualities of what if scenarios and if others want to read my stories and enjoy them then so much the better.


What do you do to get away from the stress of writing?

Like many writers I also love to read.  I can get lost for hours in a good book.  I read all sorts depending on my mood.


Do you have a regular writing process?

I should have a regular writing process.  It is something I probably need since I am easily distracted and a dreadful procrastinator.


Do you have some “words of wisdom” for other writers, especially new writers?

As a new writer myself, I suspect I need those words of wisdom myself. The only advice I can offer to anyone is to not follow my example since it would be the blind leading the blind.  LOL.


Now let’s talk some specifics about your book Between Heaven & Hell

Title:  Between Heaven & Hell

Genre:  Contemporary, Paranormal, Male Menage Romance

Publisher: Silver Publishing

Buy Link:  Silver Publishing as of March 3, 2012

Pre-order Link:  Silver Publishing


What was unique to this particular book?

I once read that every single story and plot you can imagine has already been written by someone else, so uniqueness is probably a bit of a long shot.  I hope, however, that my story does have enough originality about it to set it apart from the rest that are out there at the moment.

I hope that the angel/demon/human ménage and the story of how they come together and begin their lives together is intriguing enough to grasp the attention of readers.


Was there anything that surprised you while writing this book?

Oh yes.  The main surprise is that it turned out to be a ménage instead of a regular male/male story.  A ménage was definitely not my intention when I started the story.  It began as short story about an angel and a demon fighting over the same man.  But the more the story progressed, the clearer it became that the sexual tension between Mac and Alastor was far too strong to be ignored.  With their feelings for Tristan and each other being what they were, it was only a matter of time before they decided to form a threesome.

The second surprise was that the story is spawning a sequel about the same characters.  In fact I envisage this particular book as being the first in a trilogy.


Did you have a favorite character in this book?

I don’t think I could pick a favorite out of the three main characters, though I do admit to liking writing lines for the Demon King.


Did you have a favorite scene?

I have several favorite scenes, but I am afraid my absolute favorite contains a major spoiler for the story.  I don’t want to give away half the plot so I will simply say it is the scene most readers will spend half the book waiting for and hating me for when it finally arrives.  *evil grin*


Did you have a scene that was particularly hard to write? Why?

I think the very first scene with all three of the men in was the most difficult to write.  Or at least it is the one that had the most revisions to it before I submitted it.  I ended up chopping out a lot of the scene because it was giving far too much away of the story and until I made the decision to brutally cut it down it was quite hard to write.


Will there be any sequels to this book?

Yes, there will, all being well, be two sequels to Between Heaven & Hell.  They are tentatively titled Between Good & Evil and Between Life & Death.  The second story is about half written at the moment and the third is just in note form.  I hope to get the second one contracted this year for release in 2013 and the third one the year following.  Though, of course, there are no guarantees in this industry.



Angel Machidiel (Mac) and demon Alastor have been denying the attraction they feel for each other for centuries because relationships between angels and demons are forbidden.

Things change forever when they both fall for the same mortal man and begin a relationship with him. Together with Tristan, the menage they form is filled with jealousy and insecurities, passion and love. Only time will tell if the relationship they have forged together is made in Heaven or Hell.



The lights of the club were turned on, signalling closing time, when Tristan and Mac finally left the dance floor and moved with the rest of the lingering clubbers towards the exit. They were nearly at the door when the devil from earlier in the evening stepped into their path. “You don’t play fair, Machidiel,” the devil said accusingly.

Mac swung his arm around Tristan’s shoulder and gave him a quick squeeze. Tristan recognised the move as the sign of possession it was. “Who’s playing?” Mac replied.

“This isn’t one of your usual haunts.” The devil reached out to run a hand down Tristan’s bare arm. “And this one isn’t your usual type.”

Mac smiled down at Tristan. “He isn’t exactly your type either, now, is he?”

The lights were brighter near the entrance, and Tristan could see the devil was wearing red contact lenses, completing the demonic look he had chosen to go for. Right now those eyes were flashing with emotion.

Before he could speak, Mac steered him around the devil and out into the cool night air.

“Tristan,” the devil called after them. “We have a date. Next Halloween.”

Tristan looked back over his shoulder only once. A shiver ran down his spine at the intensity he saw in the glowing red eyes.

How did he know his name?



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Email:  [email protected]



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