Character Interview: Redcap, Tache, and Loam from Lullaby for a Stolen Child

Character Interview: Redcap, Tache, and Loam from Lullaby for a Stolen Child by Anna Mayle


I would like to thank you all for dropping by my blog today, along with your author, Anna Mayle.  I understand that you, Redcap, and you, Tache, want to be interviewed separately, which is fine with me. Loam, I understand that you don’t wish to be interviewed. Again, that is fine. Now please sit back and we’ll get started.


Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Hmm, I like to kill things. Humans really, I like to kill humans. They aren’t as scared of our kind now as they used to be, but all of them I’ve come across have had the good sense to fear me. Could be the claws, but I’m guessing the blood is a big factor.

(Inching back a bit) Good to know and I’ll try not to do anything to upset you.


Can you tell the readers a couple of random thoughts about yourself?

I like gardens…less surprising would be how I fertilize them…and I’m not a natural redhead, under the dried blood I think my hair may be blond, it’s been a while since I’ve seen it unstained though.

Blond, huh? Well… And you like gardens, nice.


What was your ordinary life like before the upheaval to it?

It was pretty much find a human, play with the human a bit, kill the human. I tried the Changeling thing because I was bored of the monotony. It didn’t really change things all that much, what it led to though, that’s what made everything worth it.

Right…find, play, kill. Yes, I can see how that would be monotonous.


What upset your ordinary world and brought you into contact with Tache and Loam?

Well I took over Loam’s life, took his place in the human world and left him with my kind to be used for entertainment. Strangely enough…we didn’t have much conflict over it though. Honestly I think he kind of liked it. He’s really good at the whole slave thing. Tache, now Tache resented the fact that I looked like the one he wanted. He was annoyed that he couldn’t have Loam as freely as he knew he could have me. And I think I disgusted him, honestly. The blood, killing, utter disregard for the sanctity of…well…anything. Tache’s funny that way.

Hmmm, I don’t know how to respond here. I’d probably tend to be a tad disgusted with you myself. No offense meant, of course.


What was your immediate reaction to Tache and Loam?

Tache’s easy. First time I saw him I wanted him, simple as that. If you saw Tache, you’d want him too. Gods would bow before his beauty, angles weep, all that good stuff. I’m pretty sure my cock stood up and begged.

Loam…he was just another slave. It wasn’t until much later that I realized how much more there was under the scars, chains, and subservience. Have I mentioned how good he is at the slave thing? Generally not my style, but…let’s just say he had hidden depths.

Love in the makings, I guess.


Were you annoyed that Loam was getting in the way of you obtaining a goal you wanted?

Horribly annoyed. I was ready to kill him to get him out of the way. Couldn’t see why Tache would want to pine after him while I was right there, willing and ready.

Lucky for Loam that you controlled yourself.


What were some of the headaches you faced in dealing with Tache and Loam?

I wanted Tache, he didn’t want me. Loam wanted me, I didn’t want him. Vaki, Vaki just needed to die.

A bit awkward, all of that.


Was there someone who interfered in reaching your goal?


Ah, Vaki of the “Vaki just needed to die.”


Who made the first compromise to attempt peace in your relationship?

I’m not sure what we have could be called peace.  *big toothy grin*



When did the heat between you, Tache and Loam first start firing up? Did that complicate reaching your goal?

With Tache it was instant and the only complication was that I couldn’t get that annoying Dryad to feel the same way. With Loam, it was a surprise. It made my final decision harder, but I’ve spent centuries alone, not like it was a big change.


What led to the moment when you thought everything was lost between you three?

I handed Loam my dagger, stood up and walked out. It was pretty final.

Yes, that sounds final.


You managed to make things work between you after some ups and downs. Would you go through all of that again?

I’d go through more.


Thank you, Redcap, for your honest answers. Now let me have some time with Tache.


Can you tell the readers a little about yourself?

I am Tache, Dryad and Blade Dancer, hunter of hunters.

A “hunter of hunters”…well, that’s interesting.


Do you have a couple of thoughts about yourself to surprise the readers?

I like to dance and I enjoy interesting baubles and trinkets, but these things should not come as a surprise. It is not my purpose to hide myself or anything about myself.

Okay, you’re up-front with people.


What was your ordinary life like before the upheaval to it?

I existed only as a weapon. I was tied to one human, one who hunted our kind from incarnation to incarnation, born and reborn. My reason for living is only that one human’s death. Until I fail, that is all there is for me…all there was for me.

That sounds a little monotonous.


What upset your ordinary world and brought you into contact with Redcap and Loam?

I met Loam as a child, when he was first brought to our realm. My interest in him was sudden but not sexual, not until later, as he grew and matured. The conflict wasn’t between he and I, but I and Vaki, his keeper.

Redcap is an abrasive and callous creature whose bark is silent compared to his bite. Conflict was inevitable. That he wore the face of one I held dear was only an insult on top of the insult caused by his very existence.

Troubled beginnings together.


What was your immediate reaction to Loam and Redcap?

Loam was…something interesting. Even as a child there was something strong in him, even as he cowered in fear.

For Redcap I felt only loathing and caution.


Did it annoy you that Redcap was getting in the way of you obtaining your goal?

Very. He would not be brushed aside and on more than one occasion he nearly fooled me into believing he was Loam. I could not let my guard down even in my own realm. I wanted to hurt him, but I wasn’t sure if he would enjoy such pain or not, and so I stayed my hand. I did not wish to encourage his advances.

I can see that Redcap could be a real trial.


What were some of the other trials you faced in dealing with Redcap and Loam?

Loam, I did not own and so I could not reach. Redcap had access to him through Vaki, but I was blocked.

Redcap I could both reach and take, but I did not want him.

It was a very frustrating place to be trapped in.

Yes, I can see that.


Did anyone else seriously interfere in you reaching your goal?

Vaki. He was Redcap’s partner in the theft of Loam’s human life. That is how Changelings work generally, one takes the human, one stays behind. Vaki was very obsessed with Redcap and so was also very obsessed with the human he portrayed. It made getting close to Loam nearly impossible.

Again, this Vaki sounds like a seriously bad guy.


Did you feel an immediate attraction to Redcap and Loam? Or an immediate resistance to them?

As I have said, my attraction to Loam was immediate but not sexual. My immediate response to Redcap was the response any sane creature would have. I wanted him to go away…quickly.


Who made the first compromise to attempt peace in your relationship?

Surprisingly, I believe it might have been Redcap. Although it could have been more an apology for what he’d done prior to coming to me, rather than an offering of peace.


When did the heat between you, Redcap and Loam first start firing up? Did that complicate reaching your goal?

I don’t wish to speak of this, it is much too annoying.

Okay, I’m sorry.


What led to the moment when you thought everything was lost between you?

When I finally obtained what I had wanted…strange, is it not, how such things happen?

Yes, it’s often true.


You managed to get through the ups and downs and make things work. Would you go through all of that again?

I wouldn’t have to, knowing what I do now. But if it was needed to attain the ending I found. Yes, I would.


Thanks to all of you for being here today and to Redcap and Tache for revealing a little about your story. Now let me talk a bit with your author, Anna Mayle.

Anna, what drives you to be a writer?

The voices in my head. It sounds strange, but honestly they are loud. Sometimes I find myself talking out scenes, voices and all. When I started doing it in public, I took to carrying around a blurb book. Little notebooks I could jot things down in anywhere. People look at you funny where you argue with yourself in a public venue.

I understand the “voices in my head” thing. I think a lot of writers experience that. A blessing? A curse? It depends, I guess.


What do you do to get away from the stress of writing?

Writing is what I do to get away from the stress of life, honestly. I do read a lot, I practice swordplay, do leather craft and bead/wire work and work out, trying to keep my girlish figure.


Do you use a pen name?

No pen name. I’m engaged now, and will continue to use my maiden name after I’m married, but that’s more for simplicity than anything else.  I write gay romance, my friends and family all know it, so why hide it?


Where do you find inspiration for your stories?

The voices, dreams, random historical facts, animals, music, 3am conversations when only a minuscule part of my brain is functioning, there’s inspiration everywhere.


Do you have a regular writing process?

I used to, but lately my whole world’s been turned upside down. So now it’s pretty much, find a quiet place, knock out as much as I can and utilize the blurb books more and more.


Do you have some “words of wisdom” for other writers, especially new writers?

Never be ashamed of who you are. As someone in ‘Dreams of a Stolen Child’ says… “We’re all broken. We’re not going to fix ourselves, but we can try to put ourselves back together in ways that catch the light and make rainbows.”

Interesting, I like that.


Now let’s talk some specifics about Lullaby for a Stolen Child

Title:  Lullaby for a Stolen Child

Genre:  Horror, Fantasy, Romance

E-ISBN:  978-1-60735-372-0

Length:  61 pages

Publisher:  Resplendence Publishing

Buy Link:  Resplendence Publishing



What was unique to this particular book?

Every character in this book is a killer and none of them are repentant about it. All of them have killed for different reasons, and yet by the end of the book it’s hard to hate any of them, no matter where their morality lies.


Did anything surprise you while writing this book?

The characters really took over on this one. It didn’t end remotely in the way I originally mapped out.

That happens to me a lot.


Did you have a favorite character in this book?

Redcap, I loved his vicious, twisted nature. He also played the biggest part in the book veering from its original path. Writing him was almost like giving birth to a real person, for all the surprises he gave me.


Did you have a favorite scene?

Yes, but telling it would ruin the surprise.


Will there be any sequels to this book?

This book is a standalone story in a four part bookend style series.

Book One- “Bedtime Story for a Stolen Child”

Book Two- “Lullaby for a Stolen Child” (stand alone)

Book Three- “Dreams of a Stolen Child” (stand alone with a cameo appearance from Book Two)

Book Four- “Daybreak for a Stolen Child” (direct sequel to Book One) – Release date April 25th 2012



They steal them away as children, drawn to their short but vibrant lives. They use them as dolls, slaves, entertainment of every kind, tasting the fierce brevity of human life through their captives. But there are times when a taste is not enough. . .

Where is the boundary between hate and love, love and lust, love and hate? Where do you draw the line between jealousy and longing? Is the passion of a killer the same as that of a lover?

And how can a human man hope to understand the ways of the two Fae who have turned his captivity upside down?



The crash of his door hitting the wall brought sound solidly back into the room. Loam sat up quickly, covered his arousal and blushed over his entire body with guilt.

“Stop cowering!” The growling voice forced his startled eyes up to meet the black and

burning depths of Redcap. The creature was still wearing his human skin, for the most part, but those eyes…

Redcap slammed the door closed again and snarled, “You have managed to catch the interest of one renowned for having no interest to catch. You’ve bewitched him completely enough that you will destroy him without even trying. He’ll lose his life because of you. His prey will find him first and he will die, and here you sit, cowering like a good little slave. Vaki isn’t good enough to break someone this completely. Did you want to be broken?” He approached the bed, eyes harsh and hot, face contorted in the grip of something Loam had no name for. “Do you like being owned? Do you want to be hurt and held and kept? That’s it, isn’t it? You didn’t have to be broken. You gave in without a fight.”

Loam didn’t know what to say, the shock of seeing the one he’d been… His fingers twitched involuntarily. He winced when they brushed against his still hard length.

“Answer me!” Redcap ordered.

He tried to obey, even though he didn’t know what to say, but his words got lost in a groan.

Those amazing eyes narrowed, and the Fae scented the air. He blinked and sniffed again. “I honestly didn’t expect that.” He sounded amused.

Loam lowered his head in embarrassment. Unfortunately, his interest didn’t diminish with the distraction, but seemed to sharpen keenly as the object of his insane fascination was suddenly so near, so focused on him.

The mattress shifted a bit under his weight. “You were thinking of him, of Tache,” Redcap guessed with something bitter in his voice.

It might have been that bitterness, or the same madness that had brought him to his predicament in the first place, but Loam answered honestly. “No.”

He was met with silence. Clenching his teeth, he slowly raised his head, expecting the bed to be empty, expecting it to have all been another of Their games. Instead, he found his own face watching him back in confusion.

“I was thinking of you,” he continued, compelled by the need to see the face that mirrored his contorting into more emotions he didn’t recognize.

Redcap snarled and moved so quickly that he didn’t really move at all, one moment he was sitting on the edge of the bed, the next he was above Loam, pushing him back into the thick

wooden headboard. One large, long fingered hand wrapped securely around Loam’s throat.

“Don’t mock me! Don’t you dare mock me! You are a shadow in your own life. You are a figment of some cosmic imagination. I am the reality!”

Reality was another of those human concepts he’d never understood. In the Veil, one never knew what was real and what wasn’t. He was never even sure of what was possible and what was beyond the Fair Ones’ control, if anything was beyond them. One thing Loam knew with certainty, though, was that it was getting increasingly hard to breath. It should have been frightening, but the excitement easily overtook any fear.

Loam decided that he must be going mad, because instead of scrabbling at the clenching hand that was slowly depriving him of air, he leaned into the grip and laughed.



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