Character Interview: Lucy Stark is looking for something adventurous

Character Interview of Lucy Stark from Public Display of Affection by Emily Cale


Thank you, Lucy, for stopping by today to share some about yourself, your life, and your story in search of a new partner and something adventurous. Please get comfortable and let’s get talking.


To start with, Lucy, tell us a little about yourself.

Like you mentioned, my name is Lucy Stark. I moved to Lipton, Colorado recently, after my graphic design company downsized and my girlfriend broke up with me. Now I’m freelancing and trying to get my life back on track.

So you’re doing the whole starting over thing. It can be scary and exciting and I hope it all works out for you.


Can you give us two random thoughts about yourself, something that will surprise your readers?

You might be surprised to learn that I spent a long time working toward my Master’s in Fine Arts in painting before I realized I wanted to do graphic design, instead of being a starving artist.

I also have an affinity for all things pink. lol

I understand that sometimes people have to alter their dream for reality. There is nothing fun about starving.


What is your daily life like now that you’re freelancing?

I work from home now, so I rarely get out of my pajamas. It saves a lot of time and there really isn’t anyone around to care. I find that they are a lot more comfortable, but I think not getting dressed up might be hurting my productivity.

You might be right. Sometimes you can get too comfortable. Getting dressed up is a different mindset and you react differently.


What upset this “new” ordinary world you established and brought you into contact with Sam?

My friends had been begging me to start dating again, but my small town really doesn’t offer a lot of prospects, so I turned to the internet. I found Madame Eve’s 1 Night Stand service and decided to give it a try. I figured I had nothing to lose. I needed to find someone to help get me back on track and find myself again.

True enough, but taking a step like this was a big one.


When you did meet Sam, what was your immediate reaction to her?

I couldn’t stop staring at her. She’s so beautiful and confident and outgoing. I see in her all the things that I wish I could be myself.


What were some of the trials you faced in dealing with Sam, this supposedly “perfect” woman?

Um…I’m told I’m not supposed to give stuff away, but she planned the entire evening. Anytime I said something, it turned out there were already plans to do something differently. I didn’t even get to order my own dessert.

You’re right, make us (your readers) need to read the book for all the juicy details.


Did anyone else interfere in you reaching your goal?

Just myself really. It’s hard to break through a shell that you’ve had for a long time and try something completely new.

Yes, that is hard to do.


I know that you said you found Sam beautiful when you first saw her. Were you immediately attracted to her?

Yes, I was immediately attracted to her, though in the following hours, I went through a lot of emotions including distrust and dislike.


I’m sure that made for a challenge. What led to the moment when you thought everything between you two was lost?

Our arrangement was supposed to be a one night deal. After that, we were supposed to go our own way. When I realized I liked her as more than a hookup, I wasn’t sure we were going to be able to make it work.


That had to be frustrating. You did manage to make things work after some ups and downs. Would you go through all of that again?

Oh, most definitely. It was hard, but we had so much fun and got along so well it made all the other stuff worthwhile. I love that she is able to push my boundaries and that I get to try hers as well.


I’m so happy for you both. Again, thanks for being my guest today. Now you can sit back and relax while I talk a bit with your author, Emily Cale.


Emily, I love asking this question of my guest authors. What drives you to be a writer?

I don’t know if there is anything specific, but I feel like it comes naturally. If I wasn’t writing stuff down, I’d still be coming up with stories in my head.

That seems to be a common state with many writers: having an abundance of stories in our heads.


What do you do to get away from the stress of writing?

Ha! Writing is how I get away from the stress of everything else. If that gets to be too much, I usually take a long bath and read something I didn’t write.

That’s my kind of step-back reaction, too.


Do you use a pen name? If so, why?

I do use a pen name. I have an academic career that I publish papers under and no one searching for those would want to find my fiction. I work with children often, including teaching classes on sex ed in schools. My writing doesn’t affect how I approach either of these, but I can see how some people might get worried. I feel like the two things are completely separate and require different names.



With your academic career and life in general, do you have a regular writing process?

I have nothing near a regular process. I’m a pantser, so I typically have no idea where a story is going before I start. I like that it gives me the same element of surprise as a reader, but it often means I wind up rewriting a bunch.

I’m sort of a pantser, too, although I do some basic background work on my characters first. Very basic. I like the surprise element for myself, too.


Where do you find inspiration for your stories?

Inspiration is everywhere. I find little pieces of conversation or personality and turn it into characters. Or I have a setting in mind and go from there.


Do you have some “words of wisdom” for other writers, especially new writers?

Write. Edit. Submit. If you aren’t doing any one of these, you’re doing it wrong. If you keep repeating the process, you’ll get better and eventually start receiving acceptance letters.

I agree with your advice. Sometimes it is hard keep repeating the process. But you won’t achieve success if you don’t.


Now, let’s talk some specifics about your book Public Display of Affection

Title:  Public Display of Affection

Genre:  Contemporary, Erotic, GLBT, Romance

Length:  Short story, 7,800 words

Publisher:  Decadent Publishing

Series:  1 Night Stand

ISBN:  9781613331934

Buy Link:  Decadent Publishing

Buy Link:  Amazon

Buy Link:  All Romance Ebooks


Emily, did you have a favorite scene?

Of course! My favorite scene is toward the end of the book when Sam and Lucy are outside and get discovered by a nearby couple. You’ll have to read to find out why I like it so much.

Oh, you tease!


Will there be any sequels to this book?

At this point I don’t have anything in mind, but you never know what my muse might come up with.



After a heartbreaking end to her relationship with her girlfriend, Lucy Stark is looking to try something more adventurous. She turns to Madame Eve’s 1Night Stand service to help her find the perfect woman to push her boundaries and introduce her to the more daring side of a sexual encounter.

Samantha Taylor’s helped more than one woman explore her sexuality, but Lucy’s the first to really get to her. Keeping her walls up and the women she dates from getting inside is a skill she’s managed to master. After one night of unbridled passion, she has to decide whether to give up her hard exterior or let the woman of her dreams slip away.



“I’m Samantha, but you can call me Sam.” She paused, hoping for a response, then shrugged. “Can I come in?”

Lucy—assuming it was Lucy?—shook her head and blinked a few times, as though she’d been in a trance. “Of course.” She stood back, holding the door open.

“Seems like a nice enough room.” Nothing extraordinary, but it didn’t need to be with the scenery that surrounded it. No one came there to see the inside of a hotel room. Well, no one except for them, and they’d be doing very little of that. The king-sized bed decked out with a forest green and brown duvet and pillows took up a majority of the room. The whole set-up looked comfortable and inviting. Too bad the activities she had planned didn’t require a mattress. Setting her duffle bag next to the dresser, she turned back toward Lucy. “So what are you up for tonight?”

Like a deer in headlights, the brunette looked puzzled by the question. “Well, I’m not sure. I thought maybe you’d have an idea or two and we could go from there?”

As timid as Madame Eve had described in her email. She’d expected the woman to at least have a few ideas, an erotic act she’d found on the internet that intrigued her. Sam bit her tongue to keep from making a sarcastic comment. No judgment. This evening was to be an introduction to the more adventurous side of intimacy. Aside from that, she hoped to quell the sexual frustration that had been brewing deep inside her. “I have a few things worked out. After that, we can see where the night takes us.” She imagined it would have them in bed before late night TV even started. “Does that sound agreeable to you?” She half expected the wide-eyed woman in front of her to back out. From her expression, it was clear she contemplated her options.

“That sounds good.” Lucy played with the edge of her black, knee-length skirt.

Sam doubted the truthfulness of that statement, but decided to give her the benefit of the doubt. “Then I suggest we get started. We are on a tight schedule at the moment.” Crouching down, she pulled a small box from her overnight bag. “Why don’t you go put this on?”

Lucy took it and turned it over in her hands. “What is it?” The pink color of the paper matched her sweater, Sam noted with amusement.

“Open it and you’ll find out.”



Author Web Site:  Emily Cale

Twitter:  Emily Cale

Email:  [email protected]




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