Character Interview: Lucy Jamieson stops by to chat

Character Interview of Lucy Jamieson from Unraveling Midnight by Stephanie Beck

I am delighted to have Lucy Jamieson and her author, Stephanie Beck, here today on my blog. Stephanie, you can sit back and relax while I talk to Lucy first.


Lucy, can you tell our readers a little about yourself?

As you said, my name is Lucy Jamieson. I own a yarn shop and teach knitting and crochet classes. I’m living my dream.

That sounds like a comfortable enough life.


Can you share a couple of random thoughts about yourself, something that will surprise your readers?

Well, for one, I’m about as not random as a person can get. I thrive on routine and like things quiet. I suppose two surprising things would be…I fell in love with a werewolf and…I burn bacon every time I try to cook it, even in the microwave (but my werewolf loves me anyway).

Love can be blind, can overlook many things.


What was your ordinary life like before the upheaval to it?

Before I met Scott (my werewolf) and his beautiful children I worked twelve hour days at my yarn shop, ordered in a lot of take out and was in the planning stages of putting out my own book of knitting patterns. I hope to get back to the book soon, but I’m a little busy these days.


A book of knitting patterns, that’s nice. So what upset your ordinary world and brought you into contact with Scott?

It was all very ordinary. Scott brought his daughter in for knitting lessons. We hit it off. He was kind and the way he tried to purl really caught my attention—the man wasn’t necessarily great with his hands, but boy did he try hard. If he hadn’t gotten hit by a truck right in front of me, we probably would have dated like any other couple, but once he was hurt, our budding relationship kicked into something bigger more quickly than either of us anticipated.

Hit by a truck? That sounds awful.


What was your immediate reaction to Scott? What did you first think of him?

I thought he was a little scary. I mean, the guy isn’t necessarily tall, but he has a very big presence and the scars on his face did make me wonder how he’d gotten them. And then his daughter, Jessie, called him ‘Daddy’ and said something that made him pinch the bridge of his nose. I heard him count to ten under his breath, and I knew he was more than the father of his kids, he was a daddy and that was so incredible to me.

I really love a supposedly tough man, who has a soft core that he keeps guarded.


Were there some headaches/trials you faced in dealing with Scott?

Well, the werewolf thing threw me off my game a lot. And then as we got more serious, the being a stepmother to three werewolf pups put me in a pickle as well. I wanted to take things at face value with hope for the future, but just like everyone else out there, I carry baggage. I didn’t realize how much baggage until I really wanted to make a big step with Scott.

I totally understand how learning the man you were attracted to was a werewolf could be unnerving.


Were there other people who interfered in reaching your goal?

Only me and my fear of not being enough to keep a new family happy. I’ve had family walk away in the past and even though I was a child and it wasn’t my fault, I think a lot of people let that doubt grow inside them. It takes soul searching and wanting to change to make the change and take a chance.

True enough and, yes, sometimes we can be our own worst enemy.


Did you feel an immediate attraction to Scott? Or an immediate resistance to him?

Neither, really. The attraction came later, but I definitely had an immediate respect for him in the way he handled his kids and my dear friend Darla Kimmes. The old bird happened to be in the same park as Scott and me when we first met. Darla did her best to embarrass both of us, but Scott had class and humor.

Respect can be a good start.


Who made the first compromise to attempt peace in your relationship?

I thought it was me, I really did, until Scott shared more about what a werewolf goes through when they find someone they want to be with. He was giving me space and time when what he really wanted to do was bring me into his family and keep me there forever (you know, in the romantic way, not the creepy, kidnapping way).

He sounds like a good man.


When did the heat between you and Scott first start firing up? Did that complicate reaching your goal?

Since my goals in life had become so focused around my store, adding another focus did complicate things. We took things very slow, but the closer we got, the less time I spent at the store. However, when it was vandalized and burned by a thug, I was reminded of my priorities and I saw again how wonderful of a guy Scott really is.

Your store was vandalized? Not good.


What led to the moment when you thought everything was lost between you two?

The night when Scott went out and found the thug who’d burned my store and ‘took care’ of things put our relationship in perspective. I didn’t think I had it in me to love him the way he loved me. At that moment, more than any other, I saw that I wasn’t a werewolf and didn’t possess the skills and experience to protect and love him the way he deserved. That was a rough night.


Still, you managed to make things work between you after some ups and downs. Would you go through all of that again?

Oh sure! I could do without Scott being hurt or my shop being destroyed, or me ruining a perfectly good pair of knitting needles by stabbing an intruder with them, but I would do it all again if it meant being this happy.

Well, I’m glad you are happy and thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. Now you can sit back and relax while I talk to your author, Stephanie Beck.


Stephanie, what drives you to be a writer?

I have stories in my head and if I don’t write them down, I spend my days thinking about writing them down. I wrote stories long before I was published and I’d be writing even if no one ever read my work. So I guess, my imagination drives me.


What do you do to get away from the stress of writing?

I knit and crochet to keep my hands busy when writing hits a wall or when I’m burnt out on looking at the computer screen.

Like your character, Lucy. A lot of writers incorporate little things of themselves into their stories or characters.


Do you use a pen name? If so, why?

Yep, I use two pen names at this time. The first pen name was for a little anonymity. The second pen name came for my inspirational stories so readers would know what to expect for tone and heat level.


Do you have a regular writing process?

I have a few tactics I use when writing. Sometimes I write out a plot line, sometimes I don’t, but either way, I build the characters first so I can get clear ideas for their motivation and the story of their life.


Do you have some “words of wisdom” for other writers, especially new writers?

Don’t be afraid to ask questions, but don’t expect any hand outs. The writing world isn’t cut throat, but authors are busy. I absolutely love helping new writers and if they ask a question or ask if I can look at something, I will try to make time. Not all writers will. If you do get someone who is willing to look at your work, use your best work, respect their timeline and ask if you can do anything to help them in return.


Now let’s talk about some specifics of your book, Unraveling Midnight…

Title:  Unraveling Midnight

Genre:  Paranormal Romance

ISBN:  9781616503437

Length:  Short novel

Publisher:  Lyrical Press

Amazon Buy Link:  Unraveling Midnight


Did you have a favorite scene?

My favorite scene in Unraveling Midnight is toward the end when Lucy uses her knitting needles to protect her family. I like writing the violent fight scenes because I have a history in martial arts. Choreographing fights and creating emotions gives me a rush.


Will there be any sequels to this book?

Unraveling Midnight is book 2 in the Creating Home Series. Book 1 is A Winter Tale With Marshmallows and later this year another Creating Home story will release from Lyrical Press. I love my werewolves and can’t wait to continue their story.



An entanglement with a werewolf brings unexpected turns.

Scott, a lone werewolf expelled from his pack, bends over backward to give his kids everything he can – including knitting lessons for his daughter. Learning to knit becomes much more appealing with Lucy Jamieson as the teacher. His heightened senses tell him the compassionate and beautiful human might be what he and his little band need, yet getting involved with Lucy means exposing her to his paranormal reality.

Although Lucy’s childhood skewed her expectations of family, she recognizes and respects Scott’s desire to protect and provide for his kids. When Scott is hit by a truck, Lucy offers to help with the kids–and gets more than she bargained for after learning Scott’s true nature.



Scott still rested when Lucy turned on the little lamp beside the loveseat on the opposite wall of the room. He was so big, yet on the couch, he looked smaller. Pain did that to a person and her heart broke a little. She wished she could do something for him. She twisted the metal cap off the beer bottle and tried to be quiet, but it hissed when it released.

Scott’s eyes flew open and she wished she’d grabbed a glass of water.

“Sorry I woke you,” she whispered. “I hope you don’t mind.”

“No, not at all. Help yourself to whatever you want.”

He looked a little off, but she couldn’t quite place what was wrong. Were his eyes blurry?

“Are you feeling okay, Scott? Can I bring you some water or anything?”

“I feel funny,” he said, his grin cockeyed and adorable. Cute or not, warning bells went off in Lucy’s head.

“Fever, maybe?” She set aside her beer and hurried to him, pressing the back of her hand to his forehead. “Oh, honey, you’re burning up.”

“Mmm.” He rubbed his head to her hand like an animal begging for a petting. His hand snuck out from his blanket and Lucy started when it wrapped just above her knee. “You smell so good.”

She laughed lightly. “I’m glad you think so, Scott. I need to find your Tylenol. Where do you keep it, so I can get you some to bring this fever down?”

“No meds. It’ll pass.” He kept rubbing his face to her hand. “Mmmm, so good. Everyone should smell as good as you.”

“Oh.” He massaged her thigh and, though his hand didn’t move up, it kept her attention. “Scott, you need to let me loose so I can get you some medication, sweetie.”

“I’d like to be your sweetie,” he said. “I’d even let you call me stupid stuff like cupcake.”

The fever had to be loosening up his tongue. The stoic, tough Scott she’d known so far wasn’t so chatty, but still, it was incredibly nice to hear his silly words directed at her.

“You should come snuggle me,” Scott said, tucking her hand beneath his cheek. “You know, in case I get the chills or something.”

“Right, I don’t see that happening, big boy. You need to sleep this off if you don’t think Tylenol will help.”

“Naw, doesn’t work. Just snuggles and pets soothe the wolf.”

Her confusion at his odd words was probably the reason she let herself be tugged down to sit on the sofa near his head. In a flash, he had his head docilely in her lap and the crazy talk was done, Scott back to sleep.

She sighed. How she got herself into situations like this, she’d never know. Maybe she was too nice. She should have been more firm with Scott. If she had, she’d be enjoying her beer. She rested her hand on his shaved head. It was a little warm and since it seemed to soothe him, she stroked her hand from his forehead to his neck. She had to admit the change of seating wasn’t that bad. If she were across the room in her chair with a beer, she wouldn’t be touching Scott.

The unexpected tradeoff was better than she’d have thought. He was softer than he looked and even though he always said she smelled good, he was the one who really smelled different. A really wonderful different.



Author Web Site:  Stephanie Beck

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