Character Interview: Jenny Somers talks about Beck

Character interview of Jenny Somers from Beck & Call by Nicole Morgan


Today I’m excited to have Jenny Somers here sharing with us about her story, Beck & Call, and her thoughts about Beck. She is visiting us from her resort hotel in the beautiful Caribbean. Have a seat, Jenny, and get comfortable.


I love the Caribbean and the many gorgeous resorts there. I haven’t visited yours, but maybe one day. Anyway, can you tell us a little about yourself?

As you said, my name is Jenny Somers and I’m the General Manager of a resort on a beautiful tropical island. I am driven and ambitious. I don’t let anything stand in my way.


I like a woman who knows what she wants and goes after it. Can you share a couple of random thoughts about yourself, something that will surprise your readers?

I am being run ragged by my employer. Doing all the work with little or no resources is running me into the ground, both physically and emotionally. I would never admit this to my staff, but I’m very near my threshold.


Oh, that doesn’t sound good. Can you share with us about your daily life before the upheaval to your life?

My daily life was chaotic, insanely fast paced with an emergency at every turn. While I don’t have a cape, I feel as though my bosses expect me to be Super Woman.


It’s tough to be Super Woman. So what upset your daily frustrating world and brought you into contact/conflict with Beck?

Having to make more budget cuts, I was forced to lay off my maintenance worker at the hotel. In a perfect storm of daily events there seemed to be more breaking going on than she was ever able to fix. The scales were tipping towards the stately resort becoming run down if she couldn’t figure out a way to handle such things like plumbing. That was when Beck sauntered in, a proverbial knight with a shining wrench as his armor.


A knight with a shining wrench as armor, I love that. What did you first think of Beck?

Beck was an overly attractive man. The type of sexuality that should be illegal. He was distracting and arrogant to boot. Sure he saved me from my plumbing emergency, but did he really need to gloat about it?


Were you annoyed that Beck got in the way of obtaining your goal?

Annoyed isn’t quite the word I would use. Flustered, maybe. I worked damn hard to achieve every goal I set out for myself. Beck walks in and just rescues me from every situation like I couldn’t handle it on my own. I am not helpless. Woman or not, I can do anything a man can do!


Definite friction to begin with. What were some of the headaches you faced in dealing with Beck?

I’ll never admit to him that I’m telling you this, but I’d have to say my attraction towards him. I mean really, should men be allowed to be that damn sexy? Surely there were limitations on the genetic lottery.


That “damn sexy,” huh? Hmmm. Did anyone else interfere in you reaching your goal?

No, just Beck. He was always there to pick up the pieces and interfere, even when I didn’t want him to.


He sounds like a patient man. Did you feel an immediate attraction to Beck? Or an immediate resistance to him?

My immediate attraction to Beck did serve as my immediate resistance to him. He was sexy, enigmatic and charming. All of those things were red flags to me and I tried to keep him at a distance.


You are definitely a determined woman. I would have broken under all that sexiness and charm. Who made the first compromise in an attempt to make peace in your relationship?

Compromise is a stretch. There was no compromise. He seduced me. With his eyes, his voice and his touch, he somehow made me forget all the warnings sounding off in my head and I literally fell under his spell.


He sounds better all the time, no offense. When did the heat between you and Beck first start firing up?

I’d say the first time he found me in a soaking white shirt. I could feel the intensity of his gaze and didn’t miss how he stared at my bra through the thin fabric. I knew then that I was in trouble.


I can almost feel the heat now. But there were obviously problems. What led to the moment when you thought everything between you was lost?

He betrayed me. I believed he cared for me, but he was holding a secret, one I never could’ve imagined.


Uh-oh, a secret. Still, you managed to make things work after some painful ups and downs. Would you go through all of that again?

Yes I would. Despite everything I do love him.


Jenny, thanks for being here today and for sharing your thoughts about Beck and your relationship. I’m glad it all worked out for the two of you. Now you can relax and I will talk to your author, Nicole Morgan.


Nicole, what drives you to be a writer?

It’s always been a dream of mine. After years of jobs in the management field, I finally decided to stop dreaming and start trying.


What do you do to get away from the stress of writing?

As silly as it seems, I distress by reading. You think I would want to get away from books, but I’ve found it helps me relax.

I understand. I read every spare minute I can, too.


Do you use a pen name? If so, why?

Yes I do. I think pen names are more common place now days and it just makes sense.


Where do you find inspiration for your stories?

My inspiration comes from a variety of areas in my life. An image, a dream, any number of things can invoke an idea and make me want to spin it into a story.


Do you have a regular writing process?

I have never been one to adhere to guidelines when it comes to my writing, but I have learned that setting personal deadlines for myself helps me accomplish more. It’s too easy to let life get in the way and sometimes you just have to force yourself to sit down and type.

I agree. Life can get in the way every second of every day…if you let it.


Do you have some “words of wisdom” for other writers, especially new writers?

Absolutely I do. Write. Plain and simple just write it. If it’s in your mind, write it. It may not be a masterpiece, it may be rough and need tons of polishing, but you will never know the lengths of what you can accomplish if you do not first try.

Great advice. Write, write, write.


Now, let’s talk some specifics about your book Beck & Call

Title:  Beck & Call

Genre:  Erotic Contemporary Romance

ISBN:  978-0-85715-606-8

Publisher:  Total-e-bound

Buy Link:  Total-e-bound


Did you have a favorite character in this book?

I really like Jenny. She’s head strong and determined, but has a feminine and vulnerable side lurking underneath the surface.


Did you have a favorite scene?

I like the scene when Beck and Jenny go back to her room and they enjoy a glass of scotch together. It leads to some fireworks that surprise them both.


Did you have a scent that was particularly hard to write? Why?

There is a twist in the book that (hopefully) the reader doesn’t see coming. Emotions are raw as this secret is revealed. I always find it trying to write about pain and turmoil with my characters. Sometimes as I write it I can feel the emotions they are forced to endure at the hands of my keystrokes.


Will there be any sequels to this book?

That is funny you should ask that question. I recently received a review on this book and the reviewer hinted to me that there needs to be a sequel. Her official review stated it, but in an email she flat out called me a tease for making her want to hear more and not committing to whether or not I would be writing one. LOL.



Jenny Somers is the General Manager at a resort hotel in the beautiful Caribbean. She loves her job, but she hates her boss. Constantly cutting corners to meet budget constraints she finds herself doing handyman work just to keep the hotel running.

Beck is a drifter who comes to Jenny’s rescue during a plumbing emergency at the hotel. He is arrogant, cocky and absolutely everything that Jenny despises in a man of his type.

Together Jenny and Beck find out just how real the term “opposites attract” is, and along the way find something that neither of them were expecting.



He was watching her. She could tell he liked it. She noticed a small bead of sweat on his forehead that she would lick off if he was close enough. He was holding her thighs apart and hadn’t deviated from his rhythm for several minutes when she felt him do just that. His pace slowed and he released one of her thighs from his strong hold. She was disappointed. What he was doing had felt so good. She didn’t want him to stop. Not for a second. He slid his hand up towards hers in what she thought was going to be a playful massage of her breast, but instead he surprised her when he pulled her hand away.

“Beck? What are you doing?”

She asked the question, but if she had waited the answer would have been clear. He took her hand down to where their bodies were connected and placed it on her saturated clit.

“Rub yourself, Jennifer. Touch yourself. Let me watch you.”

His voice. Again, his voice sounded deep and hypnotizing. Was there anything he could ask of her she would not do? Without hesitation she spread her lips further apart with her index and ring finger. Her eyes were locked on his as she flicked her middle finger across her swollen clit.

She gasped. The sensation was more than she’d expected. Something flashed in his eyes and his jaw clenched. She loved knowing she was driving him crazy. Wanting to make him just as hot as he did her, she continued to play with herself as he watched. He was still buried deep inside her and the feel of being so completely filled while touching and teasing her sensitized nub was like nothing she’d ever experienced before.

“Taste yourself, Jennifer.”

Her eyes widened at his demand. Taste myself? She had never done anything like that before. How could she… As quickly as she’d asked the question she realized the choice was no longer hers. Beck pulled her hand away and raised it to her mouth.

“Suck your fingers, sugar. Lick all your juices off for me while I watch.”

Oh my God! She couldn’t possibly. Hesitation washed over her when her scent tickled her nose and her taste hit her tongue. She liked it? She wanted to question how it was possible, but instead found her lips closing over her fingertips. Unconscious moans escaped from her as she did exactly as Beck told her to, licking and sucking on her fingers.



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