Character Interview: Blossom and Ferdinand

Character Interview of Blossom and Ferdinand, bovine lovers from the upcoming Blossom Tales, Volume One by Starla Criser


I’m starting off my new series of character interviews with a very special couple near and dear to me, Blossom and her bullfriend Ferdinand. They are joining me today to share some tidbits about each other and their stories. Yes, I realize cows don’t actually talk (or do anything in their stories). You need to step outside the box of reality, open up your imagination, and just have fun.


Blossom, Ferdinand, I’m so pleased that you decided to join me today. And, Blossom, I realize you had to do extra eyelash blinking and sweet talking to convince Ferdinand to be part of this interview. Thank you for that.

Blossom: He can be rather stubborn sometimes. (she gives him a gentle smile)

Ferdinand: And she can be very persuasive when she wants something. What can I say? I’m weak where my sweet Blossom is concerned.


Can you tell our readers a little about yourselves?

Blossom: Well, we aren’t the typical couple you find in romances. Although now that there are any number of were-animals and fantasy creatures appearing in paranormal and sci-fi or fantasy romances, I suppose we aren’t that big of a stretch for a hero and heroine. Not that I’ve read such stories. But I hear things. (she beams) I really like thinking of myself as some beautiful romantic heroine.

Ferdinand: (he looks patiently at her) Blossom, dear, you’re straying from what she asked you.

Blossom: I suppose that’s true. I’m just so excited to be here, to get to talk about you and I. (she composes herself) I’m a Holstein and Ferdinand is an Angus bull, but, again, I want to stress that we are not your “typical” cows. We live in the heart of the country, Kansas, on neighboring farms.


No, I can see you’re not like any other cattle I’ve run across. Can you share a couple of random thoughts about yourselves, something the readers might find interesting?

Blossom: (giggles) Beyond that we’re here talking with you like more normal characters? Hmmm, something interesting. How about I share some things about Ferdinand? He can talk about me. Let’s see… he actually likes the color red, instead of what is more commonly thought about bulls. (she glances at him) Or maybe it’s that he tolerates red, because I love red. Farmer Sam’s girls gave me this really lovely red hat that I wear sometimes.

Ferdinand: (heaves a put-upon sigh) Get on with it, Blossom.

Blossom: What’s your rush? (she frowns at him and continues) A second interesting thing about him… He likes chocolate, not as much as I do, but he likes it.

Ferdinand: There are so many unique things about Blossom, but I’ll tell you my favorites. She sings all the time, makes up songs, too. And, secondly, she loves to dress up for Halloween. (he rumble chuckles) You should have seen her as a ghost! (he rumble chuckles again and she snorts at him indignantly)


I would love to see you, Blossom, in costume. How did the two of you meet?

Blossom: I was wandering around the far side of my favorite field one summer day, enjoying the warm breeze, humming to myself, and delighted to be on Elsie’s (our self-appointed head of the herd) bad list. Again. Suddenly I heard this low, grumbling in the corner by the road, where our fences meet. (she looks in amusement at Ferdinand) There he was, all one-ton, annoyed bull, trying to get away from a teeny-tiny field mouse.

Ferdinand: (scowls at her) It’s not like I was scared of the darn mouse. Stupid critter decided to follow me around that day, pester me. Followed me from the barn. Annoyed the heck out of me until he finally decided we weren’t going to be BFFs. You know, best friends forever. As if.

Blossom: Anyway, I strolled closer. Ferdinand, naturally, took notice of my great beauty and forgot all about the mouse. The mouse lost interest when he no longer paid him attention and ran off.

Ferdinand: (grins and shakes his mighty head) So humble, my sweet Blossom.


I take it you were immediately attracted to each other.

Blossom: He is a seriously hunky bull and I’m not blind. Besides, he flashed me one of his oh-so-sexy smiles and I was lost.

Ferdinand: My little heifer is pure eye candy. And talk about a killer smile… When she shows me her dimples and pins those big brown eyes on me…well, I’m lost, too.


Ahhh, you two are so sweet. But are things always so lovey-dovey between you?

Ferdinand: Not hardly. Blossom can get a bit testy at times.

Blossom: (tilts her head up in challenge) Like when?

Ferdinand: Do we really want to go there?

Blossom: (she narrows her eyes at him) You brought it up. Go there. I dare you. When have I been anything less than sweet and kind to you?

Ferdinand: (he looks right back at her) Camillia. Sasha.

Blossom: (snorts) Those hussies! They wanted you for one thing and one thing only.

Ferdinand: (mutters under his breath) The same thing you like from time to time. (he heaves a sigh) You got ridiculously jealous because they were part of my job. I’m a stud bull and you know it. One of the best in the county, maybe the whole state.

Blossom: (rolls her eyes) A bit of a braggart, too. (she shakes her head a second and then smiles at him) Okay, we’ve already talked this issue through. They are work. I am pleasure.


So it sounds like you are happy together. I understand that your author, Starla Criser, is pulling some of your first stories together into an anthology, Blossom Tales, Volume One. Do you have anything to say about this?

Blossom: We’re very excited about the project. Probably me more than Ferdinand. He’s so focused on doing his job–which I do not even want to think about–or lazing about in the field. Me, though, I love adventures. Co-authoring and starring in this anthology is a dream come true.

Ferdinand: It’s all she’s been talking about for months now.


Do you have any idea when the anthology will be published?

Ferdinand: Not soon enough for me. I’m ready for her to concentrate on me again.

Blossom: (gives him a patient look) He doesn’t like to share my attentions. Tough it up, big guy. You’re still my number one lover. (she lowers her lashes) Speaking of that…because you’ve been so good to come here today, you just might get lucky later.


Uh, back to the publication date.

Blossom: Sorry. I got distracted by… (she blushes) Anyway, we’re hoping to publish the anthology in February 2012. Starla and I will be sure to let everyone know the details closer to that time.


Thank you for taking time out of your busy lives to come share a little about yourselves with our readers. And if anyone would like to stop by the website where your stories are currently posted, the address is They just need to look for “Blossom Stories.”


Blossom: Before I go, I want to tell everyone a few of my favorite stories.

A Song from the Heart (where Ferdinand nearly breaks my heart)

New Year’s Resolutions (my “buffing up” plan)

Far Above Rubies (another time Ferdinand steps on my heart)


Again, thanks for being here. To my readers, stay tuned for announcements about this “fun” new release.


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  1. Penny Rader

    LOL. I’m so tickled Blossom and Ferdinand are sharing their story with us today and I absolutely can’t wait until the anthology of their stories is available. What fun! 😀


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