Can you have too much fun? No!

Is there not enough fun in your life? Can you have too much fun? No! No! No!

AcceptanceFinal200I’m having a lot of fun this summer promoting my newest release from Decadent Publishing, Acceptance. Chase and Rico are taking time out from their lives to have a good time right along with me.

They already shared their story in the Summer Chillin’ Blog Hop the end of June, giving away to one lucky winner a copy of their book. And I shared one of my favorite recipes: Better Than Sex Cake. Although the men liked the cake, they weren’t sure it was actually better than sex. (Here is the link back to that post in case you want the recipe: Summer Chillin’ Blog Hop! June 22-29)


Night Owl summerfun2013Currently Chase and Rico are promoting their book, Acceptance, on the Night Owl Summer Fun Scavenger Hunt June 15-August 31. Their book is one of the Featured Titles. Also, I will be giving away two prizes to two different lucky winners at the end of the hunt. I’m giving away a $25 Amazon card and a $25 Eden Fantasys gift card. Here is the link to the Scavenger Hunt.



hot_summer_romance_giveaway_hop_graphic 2Next my men from Acceptance are taking part in the Hot Summer Romance Giveaway Hop July 18-21. Watch for my blog post here on July 18! There is a Grand Prize connected to the whole hop…and I will have a contest for three fun little surprise gifts. If you are interested in taking part as an author in the hop here is the link to sign up: Hot Summer Romance Giveaway Hop.


And Chase and Rico will have their book, Acceptance spotlighted July 22 by Sensuous Promos.


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