Santa Wears Spurs

Roxie Evans had left California, her wealthy but distant family, and a former fiance‚ who’d turned out to be Very Mr. Wrong. She’d moved halfway across the country to begin a new life as a librarian and try to find a happily-ever-after kind of man. What she found was a cowboy with a reputation as the best sweet-talker in the state. They had nothing in common, except an attraction that took them both by surprise. When he approached her to be Santa’s helper this year at the ranchers association’s Christmas party, she’d teased him about what he was prepared to offer her in exchange for saying yes. He mentioned several possible enticements: one was taking her over his knee and encouraging her agreement by warming her bottom; another was offering to be her love slave. Both suggestions were not really serious ones. Until Roxie decided to call his bluff and accepted the love slave offer, thinking her acceptance not serious either. But as it turned out, he was serious.

Love slave? Well, hell, who was he to turn down such an opportunity! Dexter Malone could certainly do his civic duty by acting as Santa, and as offering his body to the pretty new woman in town. ‘Course he figured they’d really only have a night or two of some mutually agreed upon fun. Then he’d go his way, as usual, and she would go hers. He sure hadn’t counted on losing his heart to a woman who enjoyed sex, sensual fun, and a playful spanking as much as he did. He also hadn’t counted on having to spank her for real.

Reader Review from Blushing Books: 4.5 Stars

“How I loved this man! He was so much fun to meet. Dex enjoys women and it shows. He didn’t take himself serious and that made it exciting. Roxy needed to be a strong, intelligent woman to deal with his meltdown regarding serious relationships. Glad she got him straight. Good time read.” (anon-reviewer)

Book Length: 7 Chapters / 25,988 words