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COWBOYS IN CHARGE  includes seven stories of strong, loving cowboys and the women who try their patience. These are romantic stories with a touch of domestic discipline/spanking. NOTE: This is a much revised and expanded version of the collection originally published in 2011.

Snowed in with Her Cowboy: James wants Kelly to quit work and start a family, but she resists the idea. Will he give up the idea of a family or will he give up Kelly?

Too Much Red at Christmas Time: Lizzie has a bizarre addiction to Christmas shopping and she can’t help herself, even knowing she will face the wrath of her husband who believes in domestic discipline.

For the Love of His Cowgirl: Amber missed the fun little games she and Adam used to play. There never seemed to be time for steamy sex, or even the spankings he’d occasionally given her for various infractions of rules or for misbehavior. Could she entice him back, get the dwindling fires of their love going again?

Cowboys and Their Toys: Jennifer loved Jason and she’d trusted him as he led her into the BDSM lifestyle. But now he wanted to take things to a more intense level and she balked at it. Would she lose him if she didn’t agree to go 24/7?

Naughty, Naughty Cowgirl: Spankings had not solved all of their problems. Justin had known something was wrong with Nicci. He knew he should have tried to talk to her sooner, but he’d avoided that until she moved out and shattered him.

All I Want for Christmas (Biggest Prize Ever): Krystal loved the bad-ass bull rider, but she wasn’t into sharing Ryan with all of the rodeo bunnies who lusted after him. She’d spent too many years living for his visits home. It was time to move on and find someone she could depend on to be there all of the time.

A Special Gift for Her Cowboy: Christina wanted time and attention from Joshua but he’d become sour, lost his sense of humor, rarely made love to her. He hadn’t even spanked her in months. She’s not willing to give up on her cowboy. Maybe a Christmas gift on the edgy side will help win him back.

Amazon Reader Reviews: 5 Stars

“Loved the stories – a great value. Seven fairly quick reads but put all together and this is one to enjoy multiple times. No one does spanking cowboys like Starla Kaye!” (BB Bell)

“Cowboys in Charge is a collection of “snapshots” depicting couples in various phases of relationship, enduring the stresses of ranch life, family, personal choices and the holiday season. Each short story starts at nearly the same place in time, and takes you through another set of eyes as you see how the same timeline resets itself for another couple. It’s as if you are living in a rural community and looking out at the other homesteads and downloading that couple’s story.” (Linda Marie)