The Process: Pre-Stuff – Word Count & Formatting

Continuing along with my desire to help beginning writers in particular, one of the first steps in preparing to write is understanding word count and basic formatting guidelines.

Manuscript Word Count: This can be determined in at least two ways. One is by using the word count shown on your computer, which is becoming more commonly accepted today by on-line publishers. Another way is by using the print publishing standard of double spacing, 25 lines to a page, size 12 font in either Times New Roman, Courier New, or Arial and going by approximately 250 words per page.

I have added a new Writing Tool for Basic Word Counts and Formatting Guidelines to both my website and as a link on this blog, under My Writing Tips.

These are word counts and formatting thoughts I’ve pulled from a number of publishers. Keep in mind that you should always go to the specific publisher’s website and find out their specific formatting requirements as well as their breakdowns for word count preferences.

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