Ann Raina with For the Love of Jazmin

fortheloveofjazmin510w-220x330Today I’m welcoming Ann Raina back to my blog with her newest release, FOR THE LOVE OF JAZMIN. Actually, the book is so new that the release date is December 15th.


BLURB – For the Love of Jazmin

Nine years ago Jazmin brought a Colombian drug lord to justice. His son Raoul finds out where she lives and kidnaps her husband, Ethan, knowing she won’t deny his invitation. When Jazmin walks into Raoul’s lair she doesn’t know if she can save her husband and herself or if they will both die trying to escape the schizophrenic criminal, who is determined to play off one against the other.

BUY LINK:  Extasy Books  (This link will work December 15th.)

EXCERPT  – For the Love of Jazmin

Jazmin receives the first message after she can’t reach Ethan, who was out for a run–

The small video downloaded. Her hand shook when the screen came to life and showed her Ethan bound to a large black chair, gagged with duct tape. He still wore his running outfit. His right hand was wrapped in a thick, bulky bandage. He looked into the camera and his fear broke her heart.

“As you can see your wonderful husband is still in one piece. You know me, my lady, this condition can change quickly. I’ve made arrangements that you two will meet again soon. You’ll receive further instructions, as they always say. So long.”

Jazmin knew the voice. Tears streamed down her cheeks. She grabbed a handkerchief, blew her nose and forwarded the message to Coleman’s phone.

“It sounds very personal,” Coleman said two minutes later. “You know the kidnapper?”

“Yes.” She had trouble getting the words through her constricted throat. “It’s Raoul Acosta, a Colombian drug lord.”

“And he holds a grudge against you?”

“Among other officers I was responsible for bringing his father to jail. He operated one of the most influential syndicates in Colombia.”

Coleman was silent for a minute. Jazmin thought he would come up with questions and already thought about how to answer them.

“Pack your stuff and get here. He announced more messages so we can only track them from your phone. I’ll call in the FBI and hope they find a trace on the video. Maybe the kidnappers told us where they are.”

“All right. I’m on my way.” Jazmin closed the phone, looked around the home she loved and hurried up to the bedroom. Ethan’s scent was still on the covers. She could hear his voice as he had whispered naughty ideas in her ear after waking up. She remembered caressing his perfect body and how they had made love.

She wanted Ethan back more than anything in the world.


andrea-sernaAUTHOR BIO

Ann Raina lives in Germany with horse and cats. Riding and writing are her favorite hobbies (not every time in that order). For eXtasy Books she has written eight books, and two more with the wonderful couple Ethan and Jazmin are waiting in line. Her main interest is to show characters and their development under difficult circumstances and never forget that in every drama there are comical moments and fun. For further information turn to For contact write to [email protected]


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