And now…nothing in particular (with contest)

rose_clipart_roses_vaseI was just half listening to the radio and they said, “And now…nothing in particular.” It was one of those pre-recorded blurbs the DJs inserted, and then they made fun of it. But the words hit me.

I thought that, in a way it went along with the May contest I’m running here on the website: It’s All About Me (You). The contest is asking people who stop by to enter the contest to share how they pamper themselves. So far the answers are fun and have told me that I need to work on the whole pampering myself thing. Stop by the post at this link: It’s All About Me (You)…or just roll down to the post.

Back to the “nothing in particular”…

It made me think of how few days, even hours, that I feel like I have “nothing in particular” that I need to do.  Life can be so demanding.  I (and most people) go from one task/errand/whatever to another from the time I get up and around in the morning until I crash at some point in the evening.

Remember that cliche “Take time to smell the roses”? Do I have roses to smell in my yard? Yes. I barely take the time to trim them twice a year,  let alone take a free second to stop and smell them. How sad is that?

How about you? What are you missing while you’re running yourself ragged day after day?

CONTEST: Thinking about all of this, I’ve decided to add a SECOND CONTEST. A “Just for the heck of it” contest. Take a few seconds to share about the craziness of your life and what you feel like you’re missing out on enjoying. One randomly chosen winner will win a $25 gift card from Eden Fantasys, which will give you a chance to pick out something fun to enjoy when you do manage to find a an extra minutre or two to pamper yourself. And I’ll throw in a small surprise gift too. The contest will end May 19.

2 thoughts on “And now…nothing in particular (with contest)

  1. Pamela Sims

    I am missing the time I used to have connecting with old friends! I still live in my hometown, most of my good friends do too, we never seem to even have the time to catch up over a cup of coffee anymore.

    1. starlakaye Post author

      Pamela, isn’t that sad? Old friends are so important to us and yet it is difficult to find the time just to catch up with them. I’m guilty of this too.


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