Almost here! Guest authors blogging here at Starla Kaye

I’m so excited about this new project of mine, inviting authors to come guest blog on my website. I have been fortunate enough to guest blog on a number of other sites and loved it. Now I’m inviting other authors to share in the fun here at my “home.”

My first guest author on June 21 will be Laurie Sanders. She is extra special to me because she is not only an author (Alyssa Aaron) but is also one of my publishers. She is the owner, publisher, editor of Black Velvet Seductions. Be sure to stop by and check out her blog on Tuesday, June 21.

2 thoughts on “Almost here! Guest authors blogging here at Starla Kaye

  1. Laurie Sanders

    Thank you for the lovely introduction Starla.

    I’m delighted to be joining you on your blog on Tuesday. I’ll be dropping by throughout the day on Tuesday to chat with everyone.

    It’s always a big treat for me to chat with readers and I’m looking forward to the opportunity to chat with you and your readers on Tuesday.


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