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Life can sometimes be one gut punch after another.

For heart-wounded cowboy, Tucker Dalton, it started with a tough childhood and a rebellious streak. A car accident lands him in prison, living with never-ending guilt and inconvenient feelings for his best friend’s woman. It’s enough to make anyone give up.

Life can be tough for a woman too.

For Brooke McGuire, it started with the loss of her childhood home and abandonment by her parents. A string of poor choices lead to loneliness and a complicated relationship. When she calls it quits, an argument ends in an accident, killing her boyfriend and putting her in a coma. It’s enough to make anyone lose hope.

Can a heart-wounded, cowboy find a second chance at love? Only if Brooke is strong enough to keep fighting.
This could be the start of something beautiful… only time will tell.

Released: January 14, 2021 – Paperback and ebook


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