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Starla Kaye’s story E-Mail-Ordered Groom:

Drake is no longer the “golden boy” in pro football or the sought-after lover. He struggles with finding his new place in life. As a harmless joke, he tells his best friend’s sister that he is the answer to Gwenie’s dreams, calling himself her E-Mail-Ordered Groom. Except the joke is on him. She’s the woman he has been looking for, but now…


Her eyes widened in disbelief as she recognized the six-foot-four-inch massive bane of her existence. The boy/man she’d crushed big time over as a teenager. The one who’d basically patted her head and tolerated her as Thad’s funny little kid sister whenever he came to the ranch to spend time with Thad.

“Darlin’, I’m here,” Drake Walters drawled in the Texas accent he’d picked up over the years. He looked pleased with himself. He tipped his pristine-looking new black Stetson at her and nodded at Thad. “Came as soon as I could.”

“Why?” She stormed over to meet him. “Why are you here?”

The big oaf put his huge hands on her waist and lifted her up as if she weighed nothing. As she drew in a startled, irritated breath, he pulled her close. Their hats bumped one another and fell to the ground. He didn’t notice or care as his mouth found hers. And what a wonderful mouth he had! The man kissed like he’d invented kissing. As her body savored being pressed against him, her heart did a frenzied dance. Pulling in the smell of pheromone-teasing cologne made her almost light-headed.

Thad cleared his throat, ruining the fantastical moment. “This is where I should say ‘keep this private.’” He stepped closer, adding, “And remind you she is my sister.”

“Warning noted.” Drake chucked and set Gwenie on her feet. “Couldn’t resist.” He winked at her with those warm, teasing brown eyes she remembered too well. Except they hadn’t been warm and hinting at anything the least bit sexual in their past.

She crash-landed back in the real world, irritated that he had the gall to tease her that way. She inched back just enough to punch him in the stomach.

With his rock-hard abs, he didn’t even blink and he chuckled again. “Ah, foreplay.”

“Fore-foreplay?” Gwenie growled, her left eye twitching as it did when she was upset. She was so exasperated that she couldn’t get any more words out. She didn’t play games like this. No one had ever even tempted her with them, making it clearer that she’d only dated losers.

Cowboy Desire is an eclectic assortment of fourteen short stories. They are a mix of soft and tender, moving and thought-provoking stories including contemporary, historical, fantasy, and even outer space romance. 

Available as an ebook and a paperback.