Historical romance

A bit of Regency fun

Bad boys and slightly naughty ladies … can be found in any time period.

This time I’m thinking about the troubled but loving Duke of Berkshire taking on the wily Lady Georgina Rose Desmond in Lady Rose’s Secret.

Or the Earl of Devon struggling with his former ward, Lady Selina Egerton, in The Earl and His Minx.

Or the determined, widowed Earl of Saliston taking on the adventuresome Lady Abigail Remington in Abigail’s Earl.

Or the patient, determined Duke of Ashcroft taking on the headstrong Lady Ashlynn Remington in His Lady Ashlynn.

Or the secretive pirate Hawke, the Duke of Buckingham, dealing with the daring Lady Sabrina Whitley in Hawke’s Lady.


Western romance

Cowboy Collections

If you like reading collections of short stories, I’ve got stories in quite a few. It is always fun to have collections with a number of my own stories. But I also enjoy being included with other talented authors.

Cowboy Desire is a collection from fourteen authors. It includes everything from contemporary, historical, fantasy, and even outer space stories. My story is E-mail Ordered Groom.

Cowboys in Charge is a hot collection of my own cowboy stories and their spirited women.

Be Mine is a collection of Valentine’s Day stories from four authors. My story is His By Valentine’s Day.

Tamed By the Cowboy is a collection from six authors of stories about cowboys willing to love and protect their ladies. My story is Dude Ranch.

Ranch Heat is a collection of three hot cowboy stories of my own.

Historical romance

Cold weather…hot nights

Is the cold weather getting to you? Try warming up your nights (or days) reading about some “hot,” strong-willed men who butt heads with some equally strong-willed women.

Enjoy a masterful man of the seas? Pirate Hawke’s patience is tried when he finds Lady Sabrina Whitley hiding on his ship. Hawke’s Lady.

What about a medieval hardened English knight weary of battles? Thomas Lancaster and his trusted friend/lover are forced to deal with Lady Gloriana, who both despises them and is drawn to them. Their Lady Gloriana.

Or how about a Scottish Highland warrior? Wounded and healing physically and mentally, Brodie Durward heads home from the Crusades to find peace only to run into a spirited traveling tinker woman, Annabel Henderson. The Great Scottish Devil.

Then there is a battle-weary English knight. Nicholas Neville wants nothing more than to get home from the Crusades, but the king orders him to bring the Scottish hellion, Maggie Durwood, with him. Maggie Mine.

Or does the Old West and a gruff cowboy appeal to you? Sheriff Mac MacDonnell believed his young wife had died back east, until Caitlin shows up in his town. If You Loved Me.

Western romance

Men … Sometimes the joke is on them

Okay, not only men sometimes say (or do) something they didn’t really think through. Or didn’t take too seriously.

That’s the case with Drake Walters, recently retired “golden boy” pro football player. He is at loose ends trying to figure out the next step in his life.

As a joke, he announces to his best friend’s sister that he is the answer to the dreams Gwenie Lassiter has given up on. He is her E-Mail-Ordered Groom.

Except the joke is on him. She’s the one he has been waiting for all these years.

E-Mail-Ordered  Groom is one of the fourteen stories included in the Cowboy Desire collection now available for pre-order from Amazon.

Western romance

The cowboys of my heart

I’m not saying other men don’t attract me or win my heart. But I love writing about cowboys, contemporary or historical. Some of my favorites have included:

Tucker Dalton – A heart-wounded cowboy who has faced a tragic moment, a forbidden love, and taking on a child not of his blood but immediately of his heart. Forgiveness

U.S. Marshal Morgan Rydell – A hardened lawman who makes a promise to a “dying” friend to marry his sister, a rebellious young woman who tests his patience and smooths his rough edges. The Marshal’s Rebellious Bride

Cole Whitlock – An injured bull rider forced to retire to his family’s ranch, wanting nothing to do with women, certainly not the romance therapist friend of his sister spending the summer on the ranch…driving him crazy. Bet Your Boots

Jake Caldwell – A dude ranch owner struggling to get it going, fights his grandmother’s constant matchmaking attempts, but makes his life worse when he makes a marriage-of-convenience arrangement. From Dude Ranch, one of the three cowboy stories in Ranch Heat

Adam – A reluctant cowboy who had hoped to leave ranching behind him is back where he started, frustrated with his situation, and with the growing distance from his wife. From For the Love of His Cowgirl, one of the seven cowboy stories in Cowboys in Charge