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Iris Blobel – I Think I Love You

My special guest today is Iris Blobel, a returning guest with more to share about her Australian Sports Stars Series. This time she is sharing information about I THINK I LOVE YOU, Book 3 in the Australian Sports Stars Series. I THINK I LOVE YOU by Iris Blobel – Series: Australian Sports Stars Series #3 BUY LINKS: Amazon US     Amazon UK     Amazon AU Publisher: Limitless Publishing         SYNOPSIS Markus DeLeon and Sarah Winter’s lives couldn’t be more different… After three years away as the goalkeeper for an English soccer club, Markus has been happy to be back[…]

Secret Fantasies

I’m visiting the 1 Night Stand blog today and sharing my thoughts on “Let’s Play Secret Wish.” Stop by and check out the post, and take a few minutes to think about your own secret fantasies. Our lives are busy, sometimes crazy busy. Finding time to simply sit down and relax can be difficult. Many of us can steal a few moments here and there to let our minds wander about escaping our lives in some manner…through a secret fantasy. There is nothing wrong with doing that. I believe it helps keep us sane. As an author, I write about[…]

Sara Walter Ellwood – A Moving Target

My special guest author today is Sara Walter Ellwood and I’m excited to have her here. She is promoting Book 3 in her Colton Gamblers Series: GAMBLING ON A DREAM. I envy historical authors for one reason. They can set their stories in a time period and don’t ever have to worry about the events / styles / technology in their stories from ever becoming “dated.” I have a friend who is republishing some of her older contemporary romances, but before she does, she’s updating technology like switching flip phones for smart phones. For me being a contemporary author is[…]

Crying – Don’t panic!

I write romantic stories which involve emotions, including women occasionally crying. Most men, including my heroes, look at a woman crying and get panicky. Did they do something wrong? Can they help her? Should they flee for their lives? Sometimes my men are the reason for their woman’s tears. And they always comfort the woman they love…or attempt to anyway.     Benefits of crying Crying helps get rid of stress hormones Crying can brings the person closer to other  people (family, friends, husbands/lovers) What makes a woman cry? Hormones: Those crazy little devils inside a female body get to[…]