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Punished! – Sizzling short story collection

PUNISHED!  Five sizzling hot, romantic stories, telling of love and domestic discipline. Overview of Stories: Trusting Her – Starla Kaye. Rancher Sam Caldwell is in a funk. He’s been growling at his ranch hands, his friends and even his wife Katie. When Katie gets in a funk, Sam spanks her. So, when his bad mood stretches on, with no end in sight, he decides to ask Katie to spank him. Testing Their Love – Starla Kaye. Grayson and Belinda Jo have a good marriage except that Grayson’s expectations for her are in conflict with her own need for fulfillment. She[...]

Her Bewitched Cowboy – Free short story

Her Bewitched Cowboy is the October FREE monthly bonus story at Blushing Books. If you like fun, cowboys, Halloween, and three troublesome triplets…. Check this out. TEASER BLURB: Kiley Caruthers isn’t interested in being tied down by the restrictions of marriage. She’s happy with her life. She has a growing career as a cookbook writer, with ambitions to have her own cooking show. She doesn’t need some man to get in her way, to slow her down, or to tell her what to do. But her sisters have a different opinion about what she needs. They are pressing her to[...]

Bandana: Cowboy Kerchief

The Western Bandana Bandanas have been around much longer than the Old West days, actually since the medieval days. But I grew up watching American Westerns and so I associate them with cowboys. Uses of Bandanas (cowboy kerchiefs) for cowboys: A cowboy Band-Aid, possibly as a tourniquet or sling or set a splint Protection from the sun Protection against snow blindness Earmuffs in cold weather Keeping the dust off a cowboy’s neck  while rounding up cattle Tied around the neck and pulled over the mouth and nose as a dust mask As a water filter A pot holder to move[...]

Hero-A man to fall in love with

I’m an avid reader of romances, as well as a multi-published romance author. I write about heroes…and, of course, heroines. What makes a good hero in a romance? There are many articles on the subject, many posts from talented authors. Here are some of the traits most loved in a hero: Attractive Talented or skilled in some way Wealthy More than brawn His admiration, respect and love for the heroine grows Maybe frustrated with the heroine, but devoted to her Has flaws, but not tragic flaws Loveable on many levels and unforgettable Redeemable qualities Unmistakably masculine Driven Protective   Sources:[...]