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A Cowboy and His Jeans

A Cowboy and His Jeans Did you know that the first jeans were made in 1873 by Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis?  Jeans by definition are trousers made from denim or dungaree cloth. Originally they were designed for cowboys and miners, but in the 1950s they became popular with teenagers. Levi’s Jeans are considered comparable, but the inside seam can rub against the leg in the saddle. Levi’s were a traditional favorite in the West. Many cowboys preferred Levi’s 557s that are specifically designed for riding. They have slightly fuller thighs, legs that fit well over boots, a high rise[…]

Contests, contests, contests

Contests…and more contests Do you like having a chance to win something uniquely fun? Along with a chance to get a glimpse into a new book? Personally, I do. I love contests, especially hosting them. In connection with the release of For Ruby’s Love from Decadent Publishing, I am having five contests. Three have already started and two more will come soon. All are on blogs that have given me a chance to visit.   For Ruby’s Love available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Decadent Publishing, iBooks, Kobo Current Contests Please stop by and leave a comment per instructions. (You[…]

A Cowboy and His Boots

A Cowboy and His Boots In connection with my new release of For Ruby’s Love from Decadent Publishing, I am sharing some helpful information on cowboy boots. Boots are only a small part of a cowboy’s “uniform.” How much do you know about boots? Did you know there is a patron saint of shoe and boot makers, Saint Crispin?     Here is a quick course about the basics of cowboy boots. PIPING: The founded strips of leather running up the sides of the boot, centered. PULL HOLES: These are finger holes at the tops of boots, which have replaced[…]

For Ruby’s Love is here!

For Ruby’s Love has just been released from Decadent Publishing and I am so excited. It has it all, in my biased opinion. Daniel, the hot, handsome CEO from The CEO and The Cowboy is back. Calhoun, his big, stubborn cowboy lover returns, too, even more stubborn. Ruby Tuesday McMurtry, a cowgirl horse whisperer, barrels into their lives and knocks them both off kilter. Calhoun doesn’t want her services because she’s a petite woman. Daniel thinks he should give her a fair chance to prove her skills. Ruby is more than annoyed with the gruff cowboy for his ridiculous attitude.[…]